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Best Girls.jpg
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These are your Godesses tonight.
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They're angels though.
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She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.
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I'd prefer this lady to be honest

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What's wrong Mikoto?
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She's troubled because she needs me
She just wants to feel up Misaki's tits but that flat little pest Kuroko won't leave her alone.
She's too perfect

>...And like all my plans, it's so simple an idiot could have devised it!

Just a reminder that Iok did literally nothing wrong!
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Who can stop this mad man?
Yet he was one of the few likable characters int he worst entry of the entire franchise
Bingo when?

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What went wrong?
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absolutely nothing
it continued past part 2.
then past part 3.
and from then it went to gay hell
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Part 8 isn't gay.

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Who's your favorite?
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Unironically Joker
>furry has 2 tails
>angel is a nazi officer
Gowasu, Clown and Twintails angel, that's it.

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Satania is actually the MC, right?
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satania is the most cute
Yes. She gets just as much attention and it the best.
Gab got the most screentime and first intro in episode 1. Sim I'm thinking no.

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10 minutes until new episode
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There's not enough love for this show. It's so great
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Manga talk is allowed

Just use spoiler tags

Aha aha ahaha aha

Things should heat up a lot this next episode.

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I was right about everything. I told you guys Zarc created Pendulum but you guys didn't listen. The personality change was obvious.
Get ready for Zarc's defeat at the hands of Reiji, and remember that I was the one who predicted it.
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This is a semen demon.
Zarc is beautiful
>Nobody gives a shit about you being right
>Can't even make a new thread with the script link

Everything about this thread is garbage.

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she lost her way confirmed
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Where's the new chapter??
File: 1484514109745.gif (860KB, 600x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First for speed

What did /a/ think of the first two episodes that aired? While I'm glad it wasn't another Isekai anime, it was pretty mediocre.
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Character design looks great I might pick this u-
>source: game
Bland as fuck.
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Katalina should have been the main girl. Not only does she look sexy as fuck, she's voiced by Sawashiro.

Bahamut was based off of a moble game too, and look how fun that turned out to be. Granted the director had free reign with the story and only used character designs from the game.

Zestiria in less than an hour lads.

Maybe Dezel will actually do something this time unlike the last episode which was named after him.
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>episode named after Dezel
>it's a Rose episode
>episode named after Sorey
>it's a Rose episode
>episode named after any seraph
>it's a Rose episode
I wonder who pulls the strings in ufo.
>episode named after Rose
>it's an Alisha episode.
It's live

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What do you expect from the senpai and childhood friend arcs?
How can they even compete with Tsuneki-san?
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I expect Kyouko's JC body to turn me on greatly.
Slutneki is a whore.
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how can other shows even compete?

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I do not know if something like this has every annoyed me. Maybe this broke something in me...

So above is a screen from Youjo no Senki, Saga of Tanya the Evil (do not know how they even translated that).

AND it's the same fucking character... what?

The anime is so damn simplified that it hurts. Even comparing the few seconds you see the Male version of the main char, were he is quite intimidating arrogant prick. In the anime he looks like a normal officerworker.

The fuck /a/, the fuck?
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Hell, this whole scene is basically her aiming the rifle and saying the words.

No power, no effect... no fucking effort.

I like anime visha. There I said it. She has character, personality and everything else that her manga counterpart doesn't.

She's now special. She stands out.
She stands out as "that funny looking girl isekai'd from MHA/LWA"

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Broliko chan.png
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Broliko chan is my waifu.
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What happened last episode? why are people saying Gohan is coming back?
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screams internally.jpg
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He didnt look like a complete faggot against SSJ goku


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Is gender bender gay if it's a complete swap to the other gender?
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As long as their body is fully female then it's fine.
Even if it is, I'd fuck a genderbent guy
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It's mentally gay buy physically straight.

Which is something that I'm fine with, considering that most of the women in my life have been insane and most of the guys have been awesome.

Either way, it's hot as fuck.

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