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What's your preferred body type anon?
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Elf, not fat. Why would I like anything else?
DFC high elf is best kind of elf.
>tries to make fat girls appealing
They are not. Just disgusting.

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Will there ever be a more perfect episode than episode 10?
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Perhaps the slightest bit unhappy that Victor's daki will have Makkachin in it as well
It was so good in so many ways, when was the last time we saw such a solid plot twist in anime? A total surprise, completely unpredictable, yet believable, makes perfect sense, and re-contextualizes everything we've seen in the funniest, most heartwarming way.

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who's your favorite loli artist
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Benantoka newer works are so shit.
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I just love how his loli characters look.

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Another “us” is before my eyes.
The game set into move before the spinning world could do anything.

I felt like I heard someone’s voice.
Before I could understand what was going on, it began.
The abruptly resounding SILENT WARNING
Made the gathering GAMERS miss it on purpose.

I didn’t understand the emotion called “believing"
But even it was erased by that noise. CRUEL.

Even when I reach out to my relentless wish,
My prayers just turn to dust and won't reach her HEART.
Her crossing feelings gaze my face.
The GIRLS GAME doesn’t end until I get to the place where she is.

I always thought that there’s not just one future. ETERNAL.
But the merciless truth was studded into me.
Even if I mourn the reality everytime I wake up,
The world just continues on as if nothing happened.

Even if I'm holding her warm and soft hand,
I FEEL it would turn cold again soon.

I chased after the fleeting voice I heard,
While THIS GIRL just disappeared, lonely, one by one.
I don't understand why she must vanish so ruthlessly.
I’ll repeat the GIRLS GAME countless times until I reach her!

Even when I reach out to my relentless wish,
My prayers just turn to dust and won't reach her HEART.
Her crossing feelings gaze my face.
The GIRLS GAME doesn’t end until I get to the place where she is!
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I was going to wait until the new chapter came out, but I can't wait to MARRY Mariko!
The first fanbook? Because there are scans of the second one up.
Mobage when?

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ITT: Post your waifu
Other anons: Point out what is wrong with other's waifus.
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komichi aya bikini.jpg
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sick pedo

>character says 嬉しい
>it gets translated as this
Is this what you killed fansubbing for, Daiz?
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It could be a perfectly fine translation with the right context. I don't know though because I dropped this.
rub a dub dub thanks for the grub
>creative translations that fit the character's personality are bad
When will this meme die?

Forget Gab and Satania for now. This time is Vigne's time.
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What was she watching?
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
sad excuse for a demon

The Objective Poll

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If you voted for "Other", then post who they are.
I only like Akko because of her hair and name
BR witch is best witch

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Why is King Crimson so fucking angry?
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dumb shoes
they arent that bad
Is KC a slut?

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It's time.
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>get rid of feMC
>give MC a cute childhood friend instead
>give them shota scenes
>make up drama when Gran leaves
Sasuga Granblue.
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Boys are supposed to date other boys.
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I finally got around to watching Samflam. Why doesn't anyone talk about this QT3.14?

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So we can all agree that the only reason Roshi is coming is to grope her right?
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that super episode where Future Trunks is constantly disappointed with Gohan as an adult is the best thing ever
>Roshi 1 shots her
Feel bad that Future Trunks couldn't see Gohan sparring with Goku on the latest episode, neither Gohan participating on the universal tournament

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I am angry.
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Leaks where? what was that korean page again?
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>Leaving blood and shit on armor indefinitely without ever cleaning it does not negatively affect it. Make sure to smear on more blood whenever you can, dried blood doesn't give off as much of the edgelord vibe as the fresh stuff.
>Throw away your high-quality well made weapons when they get covered in blood and fat instead of just wiping them off, then steal the rusty pig iron shit that goblins use as a replacement.
>Make sure to smear the shitty weapons that you stole with blood before you leave.

Jap authors are uniquely gifted in that they can have a character do stupid things for retarded reasons, and /a/ will still believe that they're wise and experienced.

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>Currently holds 6 spots on amazon's top10 LN
>Only show expected to break 10k this season
>Moeshit is struggling to break 4k
>Causes massive butthurt on normalfag sites
When did everything go so right?
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It's the inevitable consequence of putting Aoi Yuuki in a non-typecasted role.
Not-Nazis and a girl(male) MC

literally the formula to sucess
>>Causes massive butthurt on normalfag sites
What's happening?

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I got this.jpg
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Predictions for this weeks chapter? Text spoilers should be out tomorrow
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First for best couple!
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Nami a shit.
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Who's Andrew?
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this is
Andrew and Drew Anne drew Andrew and Drew.
Sucy is objectively best girl, and every argument against her is actually in her favor

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