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Is S3 anygood?
just finished S2
S1 > S3 > S2
No, but the Sunk Cost Fallacy compels you to watch it.

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What would animu be like if Naruto never existed?
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A lot easier for us autists to discuss without even-bigger-autists interrupting.
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This image triggers me. Unlike Sasuke, Noct isn't an emo faggot 24/7. Gladio actually has a personality unlike the orange hair dude. I don't remember his name. Ingnis isn't an annoying cunt like Karin. Water boy is similar enough to Prompto I guess.

Anime would be less shit.

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Have you worshipped Shinka today?
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How do I worship Shinka?
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An offering of semen will suffice.
Shinka's tits look bigger here than usual

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How did this work?
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it can't be beat
he likely placed the guy in the greens head through the hole, and then ran towards the other guy in an arc
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Suigestu was the only likable character in taka.

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How does Gabu smells like?
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60 year old businessmen
anchovies and used tampons
Silly, angels don't have periods.

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Characters you want to hate but realize have done nothing wrong
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She's a lot less bitchy than she was in the OVAs that's for sure.
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What's your favourite short run anime?
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It sure as fuck isnt that one

I just liked how they decided to adapt it. I guess nobody else did. I wish they would do the rest of the manga (now that its finished)

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4th week with no Hibike
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I miss novelanon. I want to know what he thought of the ending.
Thanks god.
Should be even better without hibike threads.
I don't want to say goodbye.

Does it get better?Watched the first ep and I must say its been a while since I wanted bad guys to bash the protagonists face in this hard.
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Actually, first 3 episodes are the best ones.
It goes downhill from there.
Pretty much this, trips confirm. I watched the whole thing because Izetta was hot as hell.
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Did you watch BDs or something? This is the quality I am seeing

What went wrong?
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No boyfriends/boys in general.
Can you stop talking about my daughter, please?

You guys are really hurting her feelings.
what I wonder is why Sucy's mom looks a Disney villain

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Explain how this show isn't just Yuru Yuri but with guns instead of tea.
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What are you implying?
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Also, isn't duel wielding essentially a myth due to how bad your control is? I may not be /ak/ but it seems like a bad idea.
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The girls are all extremely fuckable.

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how do i have intercourse with this enigmatic genie spirit without it turning into guro?
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Don't worry, your penis is sized right for her.
>she rubs her entire body up and down your length, her hands folding over your glans, chewing on the frenulum with small mouth
>on the edge of release, she uses the extraneous fluids flooding from the tip of your turgid manhood to slider her entire arm into your urethra
>she giggles as she is sprayed with your semen, the back pressure of her arm blocking your seeds escape route causing the ejaculation to launch in sharp eruptions across the entire room
>she buries her entire face in the opening of your urethra, laughing into your spasming penis as she laps up the remains of your semenal fluid
>she asks if you want to try her leg next time

She's a Genie. Can't you just wish her to be bigger? Or your dick to be smaller.

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>I only watch anime with an all female cast

Is this you?
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That's me on the left, yes.
Of course, I'm not gay
I'm Nozomi who's taking the photo.

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Is there an anime that has a protagonist/prominently features a female detective character that is really ditsy/bubbly, but is somehow really good at solving crimes and whatnot?
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psycho pass is the closest i can think of
boku no pico

>Most people are told to skip it and go directly to Z
>No blu rays
>No fully uncensored English manga
>No Kai version
>Hardly any video games

Why is Dragon Ball so fucking underrated compared to Z?
It's almost as if people treat them like there two completely different shows.
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Z sells.
Normalfags love "le epic bulky guys doing le epic endless battles". That's it.

The original Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump are objectively way better than Dragon Ball Z and anything similar to Z, anyway.
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I agree dude, that shit was charming as hell

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