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So is Shinji gay?

Or is he just bisexual?
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No, he just has severe mommy and daddy issues.
Nah, I felt like he was written to be an anti hero to try and provoke people into thinking more of the situation rather than just siding with his decisions.
Faps to Asuka. Wants to fuck Kaworu. I think it's pretty clear.

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Marika 4.jpg
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Marika is cute and I want to MARRY her!
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Pedo in jail.jpg
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Put all pedos behind bars.
Ah~ Puck-sama
La Pucelle vs Sharks when?

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It's Yugo time.
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First for Rin
Fusion time?
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Would you want Yugo as your D-Wheel mechanic? Will Yugo ever fix his D-Wheel after the series? Will Rin have her own D-Wheel?

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What would /a/ like to see in Resurrection?
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wow, I never knew an eyepatch could make you look gay
More CC and lelouch banter
Fucking the imouto

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How long will /a/ REMember me?
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Ugly potato.
i'll always rem rem's rems
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I'll store you in my Random Access Memory.

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Does season 2 just kind of feel off?
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First and Second episodes were pretty hilarious, Not for me.
It could but it doesn't bother me that much for now. Not like, from Gintama to Gintama', or One Piece then to One Piece now

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What does /a/ think of the Top 3?
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I think this arc might finally give me the push I need to drop this series
Shit just like every character that isn't called Kachan
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butt lady

>favorite Mangas that will never get an anime adaption
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>but it did
I'm talking about the one on the left
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princess jellyfish.jpg
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>tfw the rest of princess jellyfish manga animated never

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So apparently, Marvel wants its own shonen manga and possible anime series.

Judges include Hiro Mashima and Vice president of Marvel.

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>Hiro Mashima
>official Marvel anything

Good luck making Captain America not look like shit in black and white.
I don't think westerners can into manga.
Look at what happened when Stan Lee tried to make a manga. Granted it finished over there but I don't it was ever full publish in english, at least off the top of my ehad.

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Sesuji wo Pin! to.png
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How are these two so perfect?
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Not even best dancesport manga

Can your taste be any more shit, anon?
the fact that you're calling this manga shit, shows you're the one with shit taste.
But it is, and it's definitely the cutest one.

It's time to choose only one for tonight
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Dead fish is the way to go
The mc please, he was hot as fuck.

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Describe her in 5 words or less.
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oppai loli waifu bait
Not a loli you fags.
Short stack not a loli

Continued from last storytime thread >>152671890
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This was very fun to follow. I once again cried at the end. No matter how many Yu-Gi-Oh series come and go I will always love the original manga and hold it in high regard for paving the way for the following series.
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Yugi confirmed for Tony Stark of Yugioh and Seto is his Pepper
Isn't Kaiba's whole motivation in the new movie to find Atem so he doesn't have to settle for Yugi?

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>Demons are the good guys
>Angels are the bad guys
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Ayase a shit
>I can't into fantasy
>I can't be imaginative
>I am posting terriblely obvious bait
>I guzzle cock like its water in the desert
>I should probably just kill myself
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>I have only read 2 manga

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