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What lesson should I take away from Evangelion?
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go outside
That if you're a pussy the world becomes fanta.
Love yourself, and Shinji will love you too.

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Did Maria fucking abandoned Nagi?
Is it still on hiatus?

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So, who was the old man?
I think that he was a Japanese salary man, regular guy, with a ventriloquism hobby, until his daughter died. He went nuts, and started acting out her life, so she could experience school. The principal knew him, which is why he lets him do it.
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Self bump.
What old man? I only see a high school girl.
Didn t know that manga.speed read like the first 10 chapters then the last 5.your theory makes sens but is kinda gloomy in tone with the cheerfull manga.

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Please relax and take it easy.
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Temp Ref.jpg
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Requesting Tharja:
Saying something along the lines of "Vote for me or I'll curse you" in regards to the FE Heroes voting poll.

Playing a Switch wondering when she'll be announced for Fire Emblem Warriors

Preparing a bento or baking something happily.

Wearing anything from these albums.

Anything with SI(cute/semi-lewd)
SI - http://imgur.com/a/0LyYQ
Tharja - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg
File: Mai Natsume Reference.jpg (3MB, 3000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
3MB, 3000x3000px
I would like to request Mai Natsume pole dancing with her spear; maybe similarly to one of these poses: https://i.imgur.com/3CeYUkR.jpg

Another suggestion is Mai wearing this outfit of Leifang from DOA:

A suggestion for a joint request is Mai Natsume and Mai Kawakami >>152737813 together:
- doing a partner stretch; e.g.: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2380646
- sparring; e.g. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1871233

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I would love to see hear wearing sweater and pantyhose, like http://imgur.com/a/T2K3i

Or cute and comfy winterwear.

Or being angry, in a cute way.

Or wearing something cute and striped.

Anything else cute or cutelewd is also fine if you have something in your mind.

Please and thanks!

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Finally got to watch this. KLK is literally Trigger's magnum opus.
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It came out in the past 10 years and reddit likes it, so you're not allowed to like it either.
>Trigger's magnum opus
That's Inferno Cop, faggot-kun
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The first LWA OVA is better, but KLK is their best series.

Hello /a/, I'm finally going to confess my feelings to Hotaru today. Wish me luck! Hopefully I'll have a girlfriend before the end of the day!
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Don't murder her when she says no
Fuck off with your blogshit Komari
FUCK. i just got back, she said no and walked away.

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Who is the worst girl of the season? Pic very related.
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That's not Raphael
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Why is Gabrieru so shit? She ruined the entire episode
I didn't think it was possible to make Umaru without any of the things that made Umaru funny or endearing. But here we are.

The side characters can only carry the show so much if the main character is an entitled unlikable cunt.

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Animes only you watched
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Only you watched it because everyone else is reading the manga as they should be.
this, the anime is horrendous
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Did you like it?
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What did I tell you about objectifying girls?
Does she wear shoes in the future?
Probably not, I hope.

Which had the better Homunculi?
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2003, by far. Homunculus in brotherhood were just beings created by the father, most of them had little to no background or characterization and were mostly used as plot devices in the story. Whereas in 2003 they were born from failed human transmutation and had interesting motivations, personal stories and backgrounds.
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The only 03 homunculi that was better was Sloth, and that's only because of the connection to the Elrics, her power was beyond fucking stupid.
All the others were shit, and everyone of them got killed off in shitty ways.
Atleast in Brotherhood the deaths were all ironic ( Gluttony being eaten, Wrath killed by a Vengeful Man etc)

Also, Lust should've lived longer in the Manga
2003 is better at everything.

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Was anime better before it was an industry-obligation that imoutos had to want to fuck their brothers?
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>was Sakura better than [anything]?
Yes. Next?
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Imouto x Onii-chan is overdone and boring now.
She wanted to fuck her bro's boyfriend though.

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Wolf Children.jpg
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After watching The boy and the beast I was suprised how that movie was avarage at best. It had really good start and really bad last 1/3 of movie. I didn't like whole 'the darkness in humans thing'. And I am impressed how Wolf Children is different which had slow start with some bestiality which made me laugh and ending which made me almost cry. I loved that movie and hope to see more from this director.
Also this scene made me really happy.
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Being a mother sucks.
So that girl with the short hair ended up living in the wild right?
It's a really shitty movie.

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What the fuck is this broad's freaking problem?
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Rei destroyed her home life.
>he plays jap chess better than me

When her father's life (and her life up until that point) resolved solely around shogi, then yes.

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>Hunter × Hunter Creator Tops Fan Poll of Manga Artists With Too Many Breaks


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>ann cuck
>laughing at anyone
File: 1458191620394.jpg (42KB, 510x427px)Image search: [Google]
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>That entire list
This comes as no surprise, anon.

1 Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter 1,845
2 Suzue Miuchi Glass Mask 302

It got 6x more votes than 2nd place.

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Finished today Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road, I know that New Generation already have 4 episodes, but I haven't touched it yet.

Seriously, I wonder, how on Earth, Yowamushi Pedal have such a good opinions on myanimelist, on anime-planet, and generally around?

It was such a tedious series, there were episodes, where they managed to drive less than 300 meters for the whole episode. Mostly because they were flashbacking constantly, which itself isn't that bad, unless you are flashbacking to the previous episode, or what is worse, to the scene that was in the same fucking episode, just 10 minutes earlier. It was so stretched in time, that I wonder how disappointed could someone feel, when after waiting a whole week for a new episode, they learn what was already mentioned previously, but maybe with a little more unnecessary details.

And I don't get, how they managed to get 24 episodes for that.

In my entire life I've seen, beside Yowamushi, only two sport anime, first was Captain Tsubasa second was Haikyuu. You might consider Chihayafuru as competetive, but not entirely as sport.

Haikyuu is such a great example of sport anime done right. I was a bit sceptical about whole season being just one game. But it turned out great, what I loved in there, that there were no overly supernatural attacks, no bullshit 'attack moves' like from some fantasy battle anime aka Naruto

In Yowamushi you have this bullshit repeated over and over again:
>I'm strong
>I'll pass you
>You can pass me, but I'll pass you too
>The atmosphere has changed
>What an acceleration! Who is this guy (despite riding alongside him for half of the race)
>I'm strong
>Something has changed
>Bullet Train, Mountain Snake, Mountain God, Divine Wind, Beast of whatever, Dog of whatever
>Lemme use my special ability, but first I must tell you how I feel

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>I know there is 10 meters to the finish line, but lemme tell you story of my life
>I can smell his determination
>Take this jersey to the finish line
>Guy uses his special ability, pulls his tongue out: He is so fucking haiai. Lemme pedal faster
>Guy uses his special ability, his leg muscles size increased twice, his neck extended thrice, pulls tongue out. Speed unachievable for a mere human. Gets catch up by the guy who spent whole time telling story of his life.
>I'm strong

Never in the entire series they actually show speed-o-meter (sorry, no idea what is the English name for that), so we don't even objectively know how good, or how bad they are.

I get that actual road racing is boring as fuck, but so is volleyball for most of the time, yet I was so hyped that I was chanting like a retard 'Ikke, ikke Karasuno', where in Yowamushi I was rolling my eyes where I saw another flashback to Imaizumi vs Midosuji in Middle School Race, or how through power of friendship Onoda is the best.

>pic related Super Sayain form

Yes, I'm mad
What can I say, it was fun weekly. Can't imagine binge watching it though.
Teekyuu is the only sports anime you need.
You learned the hard way.
No go watch Teekyuu.

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