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Just read the manga and this turned out to be worse than fucking nisekoi.
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Neko a best. A BEST.

Aki a shit. A SHIT.
Just jerk your dick to the girls. Don't bother with anything else.
That was working just fine until it turned out it was all just a misunderstanding and that there won't be any revenge. Misunderstanding or not, she was a bitch for the whole series and she deserved to find out about the whole truth but only after she got the dick of that fatty who unfortunately turned out to be a girl.

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>self inserting as the woman
What's the real deal with Japan's top skater, Katsuki Yuri? You know what I'm talking about.
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I don't see any problem here.
Does this mean that it's actually het?
Because he is supposed to dance like one?

I don't get it, why didn't Kazuma just fuck Aqua?
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Her personality is so unlikeable it actually makes her unattractive at the physical level.

Kazuma would rather fuck this.
Because his penis is too feminine.
He needs a few more years in fantasy land before turning into Rance.

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He sees your puss
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The best anime of all time.jpg
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According to Japanese voters right now, this is the best anime series of ALL TIME.
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>T&B, Evangelion, LOGH, Utena
Great taste.
>Joker Game
Does it have a bunch of novelfags or something?
Long live Tiger & Bunny.
S2 never
I hope it stays that way

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Why the hate?
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They are remaking basically the same show for god knows how many years.
Undisputed kings of pandering.
It's like yurifags.
The studio is fine. It's the fans of it being annoying dumbasses who unironically engage in studiowarring.

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>says he's faithless because he has everything he needs so being X decides to give him an uncomfortable life in hope of him finding faith

>Reincarnates him in another life as a prodigious ace with much more respect than a salaryman would ever have

Is being X even trying?
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I want to fuck this loli.
>dirty orphan
>glossy hair
True, the show is pretting good but the backstory is fucking stupid.

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I love Emilia
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>But that's a boy.
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Emilia is best girl and best boy!
What a cutie

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Is there a more underrated anime?
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Flip Flappers
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As well as Yona and Garo, what was up with 2015 and good shows being hated or ignored.
First two episodes were great. Rest were not. It should have followed her sister.

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something usefull2.png
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>Fucking everyone fixes the position of their glasses this way in anime
But why?
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Do you fix them differently?
I used to before anime.
Now it's a 50/50 chance

But why not grab the right lense by the side and pull that?
Harder to animate?
>But why?
because it's cool.

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Is any part of Cowboy Bebop "cyberpunk"?
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Not really, no.
Some things are, but it wasn't the main focus of Cowboy BeBop really.

But still, there's a lot of cyberpunk tier tech in it to see as a side dish.

I miss using my VHS.
I miss cyber punk anime, it's so rare these days.

So I guess nobody is watching this anymore.
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I can't believe how boring this is.
I wanted to like it but holy shit it's boring.
This girl is cute. I wish this show was about her and the twins.

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Be honest. You liked Mirai Nikki because of her.
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>You liked Mirai Nikki
I tried to, I really did.
/a/ was going crazy about it. But I just couldn't do it.
I feel sorry for you that you couldn't enjoy it, I had a great time watching it and I honestly wish you the same happiness anon
Mirai Nikki is trash but I do love Yuno
Not enough to marry but maybe have as a girlfriend for a month then dump once I'm tired of the crazy girl act

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Guilty Crows.jpg
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As we all know, anime has changed an incredible amount the past five years in terms of artwork, trends, and writing. Pic related shows an example of a typical 2012 anime. What will anime of 2022 be like?
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In the future everyone will have dorito hair
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Anyone will be able to create animus with AI assistance.
All CG.

Is anyone watching the new season of this?

I remember bingeing the hell out of this horsecrap a few years ago. 6/10 would watch again.
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I'm watching it
I don't even know how they retconned the anime plot.
Is the 2nd season a sequel to the first anime?
They just kind of pretended the last few episodes of the first season didn't happen and jumped right into the next arc of the manga. Probably the best course of action. I'm honestly surprised I didn't see more confused posts pop up on here because the first season was pretty popular, but I guess enough time has passed that no one cares anymore.

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