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Who is your Dog Dayfu?
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Yukikaze a best.
The chipmunk.
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Underrated waifu. Thank god for season 3.

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I demand serious discussions about my wife Syaro/Sharo/Sxrp.
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and I demand you get a better taste in waifus and anime
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What did you just say?
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Fuck off Sharo-chan is MINE and I am going to MARRY her.

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Guys, what if we copied Umaru-chan and made her and all of her irrelevant friends angels/demons?
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It's by the same studio.
>what if we took umaru
>then improved it in literally every single aspect
Kill yourself. The shows are nothing alike
You might as well say MSIK is a Danganronpa clone

Is this edgy?
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Triple cancer dose in one show
Explain to me why edgy is bad in 30 words or less.
it's the mirai nikki of isekai

Gakkougurashi thread?
I just finished it last night, and found it to be better than expected.
Season 2 when?
>best anime dog
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Read the manga.
Is it the same story as the anime? Finished, ongoing?

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Literally WHAT did he do wrong?
He just wanted a quiet life, and all he did was kill a few stacies.
He even warned anyone who tried to get involved to stop, but they kept fucking with him.
All because of some fat jew boy who wanted his sandwich.
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Kira knows that it's bad, he just sees it as an addiction. His hand fetish overpowers his common sense.
he did nothing wrong.

Notice how all the girls he kills are major cunts? Josuke and his gang of delinquents are the real bad guys in part 4. Harassing an upstanding man for ridding the world of cunt bitches.
>He just wanted a quiet life, and all he did was kill a few stacies.
That's exactly what you don't do if you want a quiet life, kill people. Kira knows that it's bad to kill people, but he simply can't stop.

>a girl will never look at you like this
Why even live?
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i live so i can drink and watch anime
Its okay the chances of that happening is very low. We are not meant to experience everything.
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>A girl will never be this happy to go on a date with you

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Which season of Prisma Illya is the best?

And what exactly do "prisma" and "liner" mean in the title of the anime?
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None. Pretend the pile of shit doesn't exist and watch something stimulating instead.

Like Hyouka.
zwei 1 or the 1st are the best.

Theyre just english jibberish like fate/stay night
Every season is best except the upcoming movie for reason quite obvious.

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>Watch the first episode
>Literally Harry Potter rip off
Why is this allowed?
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>weak bait
Why is this allowed?
>not wanting an all-female version of Harry Potter
What are you, gay?
What's worse is that it takes even less effort to explain shit than even the harry potter books. Fuck, man. I would kill for at least one explanation.

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Shokugeki No Soma.png
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Alice is best girl any one who disagrees is a faggot.
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>being a jobberfag

a jobber that's a sore loser on top of that
Soma is a bland character and drags his own manga down.

Nikumi is best girl.

Best girl.

In fact, she's so best I expect every single one of you faggots to agree. No fucking exceptions.
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I disagree
normally I'd call op a faggot but she's perfect
>voiced by Mamiko Noto
Hard to disagree with you there. But Alice is best girl. She is best alum.

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ITT : Anime you wished you never watched
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Dragon Ball Super.
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elfen lied.jpg
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Last thread hit image limit

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interesting choice of colors, computer
I might be dumb, but is anyone else having problems with this?
Every time I pick an image it auto colorizes it before I can pic any colors and then it gives me two small broken image icons.
I am using .jpg files, is it finicky for some reason?
I'm getting the broken image icon, so it might be the case that something's wrong on their end

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ITT: ugly girls.
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Your waifu.
you're mom
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What's your favorite studio ghibli movie???

Of all the ones I've seen (Kiki, Totoro, ponyo, spirited, nasuca, and mononoke) I think they're all 10s and can't choose a fav.
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I'd have to go with Kiki but Mononoke is a close second.
the wind rises
I know we meme here, /a/, but these guys make pretty comfy movies.

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