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Why did no one tell me that such a miracle of the universe would show up in this show?

Tall, beautiful, purple hair, great fashion sense AND talkative?

She's perfect /a/

Fuuka is ok oo
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What chapter does Fuuka die? I remember dropping it around that point and have the urge to pick it back up with the anime airing.

Also thanks to >>>/co/89458893 we can read some extras that weren't translated before.

I wonder what kind of things I can find in the first one...


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usami mizuki.gif
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What's /a/'s opinion on this cutie?
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She is cute.
11/10 cute.
The cutest.

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Yoshino is a very good maid
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Aki is best girl.
How will she deal with her maid?
Neko a shit.

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A thread a couple days ago reminded me to pick this up again, and I thought it wasn't too bad. It took me a while to get over the literal forced drama, but it was definitely interesting.

The second-to last arc was kind of lame, and the last arc was everybody ignoring Iori for 2.75 episodes which felt a little off.

It did kind of retread the same tired self-determination plot, but the characters actually do/understand something about themselves that's way better than the average anime I've seen.

I wanted to ask about the threads when it aired, I know Inaba shows up on all the "best girls that won" threads, but how do people feel about the other characters?

Also this is based on some novels right? Anyone know anything about those?
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Dumping cute

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Left or right?
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doki doki.jpg
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Kissshot teen.jpg
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>perfect immortal goddess
>ningen whore
This isn't a choice.

Shhhh, this loli is sleeping, don't wake her up.
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Why is her thigh big? Is that smear frame or plain QUALITY?
Maybe she just has big thighs.

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>the OP is sung by BabyMetal
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>The OP is a Joy Division song.
name 4 animes that do that
Uh, Boko no piko
UHHHHHHH Evanjelion (Counts as two)
And. at long least, Pacific Rim.

For example if you've ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion there is a scene that there is pizza.

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Are you familiar with the concept of globalization? Are you fucking retarded?
because hamburgers are objectively the best food ever invented.
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Pizza is love, pizza is life.

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What the fuck was the point of this character?
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what the fuck was the point of the rebuilds
No point. Here, I answered your question.
No, The Rebuilds had a point, to make money.

Why was Mari created?

How can Tsunderes be allowed to run rampant in this medium? Is there anything we can fix about them? How do we stop them? What can we do so that the term tsudere = trash?
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But tsunderes are fine. There are good tsunderes out there.
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Stella is a good tsundere though.

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Discuss idols
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Idol Gods Idol Gods
How much longer do I have to wait for muh T7s anime?
I expect it to drop on the second half of this year.
Idols are the cancer killing anime.

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Reminder that Tomoko is a whore. Just an unsuccessful one.
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>Tomoko now a senior
>still a virgin
For now.
Now that she's slowly getting out of her shell, it's just a matter of time before she meets a boy willing to break her hymen.
>roasties have to merely exist to get laid
>tomoko still a virgin

/r9k/ BTFO

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We are exactly one week away until the New Lupin III film opens in japan. It's directed by Koike once again which is a great sign. It has potential to be Anime film of the year. They are promoting the living shit out of it. Who's excited? What are you gonna do to celebrate Lupin's 50th birthday?

Here's the trailer just in case you haven't already seen it

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watch it in 6 months
File: goemonbluray1.jpg (142KB, 1200x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you could watch it in about a month and a week since the Blu Ray/DVD comes out a month after it's theatrical release. You'll just need a region free player
File: GravestoneBluRay.jpg (114KB, 432x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Granted I will obviously wait for the Region A Discotek release which may take a year, but they did a great job with releasing Gravestone.

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Lolicon yuri. That's my new favorite combo tag.
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You'll go to jail though anon.
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we truly need more /ll/ manga

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Why did Evangelion focus so much on his hand?
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No one truly understands Anno's genius.
A hand represents the ability to grab power and thus control. Being a depressed kid, Shinji is unable to do so.

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