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*blocks your path*
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*kicks your cunny*

Guess i'll have to make a hayai Brexit then!

Can you please move, I am here to see Youko.

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Yukina was just your average Japanese high school girl, but everything changed one day when she met a naked MANLY SAMURAI WARRIOR named Kennosuke who was sent from the past to save the future! Together, they must pilot the alien artifact mech dubbed "Kuromukoro" to fend off the alien mecha invasion and save humanity as we know it!

I haven't had this much fun watching a mecha anime since Full Metal Panic. How did /a/ like this one?
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Not many watched this since late subs and no simulcast. Pretty good series, I like the robot designs though the multi blade something robot was a bit funny for some reason.
Bridge bunnies made me sadder than the actual main characters.
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I liked the more sedate moments and comedy a lot more than the mecha action, for the most part, but it was still an alright show. I wouldn't mind seeing PA Works experiment with different genres like this more in the future.

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Say 'Ah'!
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Make me.

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miracle of the universe
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Hypocrite Cunt Slut
Naisu body. I'd fuck her in all 4 holes.
Uh, four (4)?
Enlighten me

Childhood shows
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I watched it last year, it's real good.
never watched anime in my childhood feelsbadman

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Aki-sama appreciation thread.

Best Girl of The Season
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>pride in being a cunt
>she's rich but she can't afford a hair stylist
She's best nothing.
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She's best girl, but of the season? I think it's too soon and a stretch.
What's with those sticks coming out from her dress?

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Do you care about and are you interested in the history of anime? Do you see it as something valuable to research and under?

Sometimes I wonder how people who just passively consume the seasonal shows that are served up to them en masse can consider themselves anything more than casual anime fans when they don't even have sufficient interest in the medium to do some basic research and understand its evolution.
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>Do you care
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Meant to post the English version here.
Also "under" should have been understand.

Why not? Just not sufficiently interested in anime?
Yeah, sure. Wish there was more written on it available in English. Or I wish I knew Japanese.

What did /a/ think of this?
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ITT: overrated shit
good beginning, bad everything else
Not bad at all, First 8 or 9 episodes were truly awesome. Ending was a major downside tho.

Unpopular opinions thread

Volumes are a more accurate dictation of how much time was spent reading manga than chapters are
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>Volumes are a more accurate dictation of how much time was spent reading manga than chapters are
Even though Some volumes are 400 pages thick while others have less than 100?
Way worse with chapters

And those thick volumes are usually special editions
Why the fuck would this matter at all? Kill yourself, faggot

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so why do you degenerate fucks like this show anyway?
I watched the first ep and I have no interest in continuing
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Depends on if you are talking about first episode by chronological or production order.

No, it doesn't. Either way you are a faggot

It's a meme bro, noone likes that shitty garbage.
The first episode is very different from the rest of the show. Watch at least episode 2 too, because episode 1 is nothing like the rest.

New episode in 30 min. First episode was pretty good and I really liked the MC.

Let's see how the recruiting goes, I can see each character having some sort of drama.
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The star-shaped guitar is contrived as fuck and it pisses me off. Everything else is fine though.
Should have made a nGBa Dream thread, OP.

Now for today's topic, will Kasumi tame her tsundere?
Kasumi Ichigaya
Tae Yamabuki

Bass can go fuck herself.

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What's his problem?
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Well for one thing he found out the real Alex Mercer was a absolute scum bag that nearly destroyed all of new york and beyond out of spite, that can ruin anyone's day
nothing he's best boy after pants shitter Gakuto
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He has too much love to give and Gakuto toying with that doesn't help at all.

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Am I the only one who miss the good ol' Gohan?
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I miss more Piccolo as rival and as strong as Goku. And the humans making up techniques and having different styles of fighting

Gohan just goes "WAAAAAAA-AAAGH" and suddenly is stronger than others
gohan was piccolos student so he learned from the best
But he was never very interesting.

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...dakara watashi wa wormslut desu.
Who let the worms out?

It's an embarrassing story, but eagles can't jump.
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I beg to differ.
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