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oh come on, admit it

you loved Kiznaiver
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It was pretty bad. Best trigger show though.
why did this show remind me of Mayoiga?

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Say something nice about her
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Can't wait for doujins where she gets raped or gives footjobs.
Would ask for hand in marriage
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Aki a shit. A SHIT.

Neko is the only good thing about this garbage.

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so i downloaded this series because the art style is cute, but the reason i'm staying is this fucking bitch right here

look at how god damn erokawaii this whore is, i am in love with those wide doe eyes of hers

does anyone else think this slut is the hottest fucking mahou shoujo ever
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What a bad thread.

Please go back to plebit
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>Saying mean things about Subaru

Anon I will find you.
do not sexualize subaru


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say nice things to shirley
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She deserved to win.
Good thing Rolo got her killed.
I fapped to you too much

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Say what you will about the show, but at least we agree it has the best OP of the season by far.

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Tied with Rakugo and Konosuba
I'm pretty confident that ACCA beats the lot.
Kyoani's OPs are almost always God-tier though. At worst just average or good.

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>has noble phantasm that strikes the heart without fail
>literally never get to see it actually strike someone's heart
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What? Yeah we do.

It's himself though.
Lancer, kill yourself
He wasn't even using Gae Bolg's sure-kill ability during that moment.

Therefore it doesn't count

I never knew I'd ever love a throw away character.
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I wonder how many cummed in her when she was passed out.
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Did anything really change in the end?
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All of humanity got turned to LCL are you fucking stupid?
Are you two roleplaying as Shinji and Asuka? Or is this a serious question?
>leave a boy and a girl to repopulate humanity
>boy is gay

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Was he right, or was he wrong?
Either way, why was Near such an insufferable cunt?
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He had to be put down. He completely lost it after L's death.
Killing the FBI officer's qt waifu was the final straw
How? He only "lost it" after being exposed by Near.
Mikami was insane, Light was actually pretty down to earth from start to finish.

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>MC has only one male friend
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More friends than me
I-is that not a lot?
>That only friend has no other reason to exist other than to suffer and make the MC look amazing

>But said friend still ends up being a better character because he's not a bland boring piece of shit

Why is literally every single anime this season about cuckoldry?
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How many shows have you even checked out?
All of them, at least two episodes for each show.
That's confusing. I watched 2 episodes of plenty of shows and there were no signs of NTR.

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Why do you watch anime and/or read manga?
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I don't, I just browse /a/.
Because I'm still hoping for the president to give me a call about an anime related global crisis that only my expertise can solve.
I like the stories, sometimes they are bad, sometimes they are really good, but mostly they are above average and enjoyable.

Its for fun.

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This is shounen.
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This is shonen
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This is Shounen.

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Why are black haired girls with red eyes so best?
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>liking chuunishit colors
You got that right.

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Chiwa deserves happiness with him.
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orange a shit. A SHIT
Agreed. Orange > Pink > Black >>>>>>>>>>> Silver
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If Chiwa doesn't win, we riot.

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