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Did nothing wrong
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But that sexy body is a crime, anon
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What are you gonna do? Arrest her?
I'll do all kind of wrong things with her, do not worry

Daily BD ranking of 28 Jan 2017

1. Yuri on ice Vol.2
2. Sunshine Vol.5

>Where is your hope?
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So, I guess we should all go into the It's time. thread and congratulate them for their victory?
literally who cares
>event ticket
Let's wait for vol3.

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Post girls you wouldn't mind being a boy toy for
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I only feel disgust when I see this picture.
Ponytail, always ponytail. Then blue and then red.

Then again sensei is not an option so I fail to see how this is fair for everyone.
Well get in here 5 Kurumifags.

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how can I recover from this?

she's literally perfection

why did it have to end this way?
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Git gooked.
use the catalog faggot
>ran away to Fernando, Hermano, Pedro, and others
>literal perfection

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Nothing but bullshit.
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i don't even know why i'm reading this shit
ass and titties
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>mfw even normies can't tolerate Mashima bullshit now.

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Have you forgiven her, /a/? I know I haven't.
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What is there to forgive? She's just living her life.
For what?
I never understood the butthurt about this, they were in elementary school and mentally he was much much older.

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You can have one of the following:

1. 1 (one) anime of a genre that you pick gets made by an existing studio that you name. It is as good/bad as you wish it to be. This means you can have the best anime ever for all time to come if you want, or the worst piece of shit imaginable. You cannot personally profit from this show's sales.

2. A young 10/10 girl (real though, no 2D) that will love you and stay faithful to you for the rest of her life. She has no skills or income/money of her own, but can acquire them through learning. She is identical to any other human being other than loving you unquestionably.

3. A small fridge with poptarts in it that regenerate at a rate of one box/hour. The poptarts turn to dust if you take them out of your home and cannot be sold.

Which one do you choose and why?
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2 of course
2 because it's the only good option and I'm lonely and broken and useless

Why was this allowed?
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I swear Seo feeds on the rage he produces on the readers.
Let's not talk clearly about anything and instead listen to other people.
>fuuka 2 is better than 1
>but 3 is worse than 1

How does he do it?

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Why is Asuna /bestgirl/? Nothing else came even close after her.
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it's honestly alarming seeing the quality of this board drop so dramatically over the years
what do you mean?
I dont remember why Asuna is hated

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Please tell me we aren't actually entering the age of shitty whoreoines
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That doesn't sound like something /a/ would say.
>entering the age of shitty whoreoines

I wish. All of these are shitty faux sluts so virgin losers can still hold on to their pure waifu garbage.
I lied.

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>31 years later and still no SoL that can top this
How did Deen do this?
What is their secret?
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High-quality source material that not even they could screw up.
Are you sure?
Reading it right now and this is definitely true

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So did she think the whole thing was a dream?
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>Continuation of the Dream
Yes, that's why it was such a beautiful and bittersweet ending.
Then Last Episode ruined everything.
>then [insert anything from nuNasuverse] ruined everything.

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Are Goku and Vegeta the ultimate deadbeat dads?
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Gendo Ikari would like a word.
It's sad when Godzilla is even a better father then most anime fathers.
No, if you compare therm to other shonen fathers

Better topic: why does vegeta insist on wearing that dumb ass armor: why hasn't he switched into something more comfy?

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Was Konata a bitch?
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No. Her problem was being a niwaka
Nowhere as much as your mom
I think she was one of the nicer girls

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