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Why do so many edgy teenagers like this show when it has scenes like the MC sitting on a fucking high chair?
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so many edgy teens hate this show when it has scenes like the MC sitting on a fucking high chair
edgy teenagers like this show because it has scenes like the MC sitting on a fucking high chair?
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Fill their cuteness quota, I guess.

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End of Evangelion: Renewal, or the original End of Evangelion - which one to watch?

I just finished the series (original episodes + d.c. for 21-24) and loved it, so I want to move on to EoE and Rebuild...
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Renewal. Looks a lot better than the old SD version.
Thanks, I just didn't want to miss anything that might have been in the original
On a completely unrelated note why is the next Eva Rebuild Episode called 3.0+1.0 instead of 4.44?

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Would Reina make a good girlfriend?
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nah, lesbos are clingy
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Reina is the crazy stacy. She's super hot and cool in class. But once you get to know her, She's straight up autistic about her image.
Can I have this dubbed with [Autistic Screaming]

What's the better half of Gurren Lagann?
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First episode of Getter Robo Armageddon > First half of TTGL > 2nd Half of TTGL > Getter Robo Armageddon
The half with kamina obviously
shit taste
getter robo armageddon is easily better than all of ttgl
but for op's questions first half

Genshiken - The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture
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The original Genshiken is great

Genshiken II is fujoshit and not nearly as funny or interesting.
Loser gets hot and horny girlfriend, procedes to ignore her for neckbeards. God what a frustrating manga.

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Jitsu wa cast.png
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Is this manga good?
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It's not great, it's just okay. Not exactly something I'd recommend to someone else.
Well, I can assure you that the author hasn't had any contact with other human life-forms in the past 30-40 years. As a result every chapter is a rehashed version of the previous one, with the first one being the only exception to this rule. The girls suffer from a serious case of Japanese-Harem-Syndrome, all developing romantic feelings for the MC within minutes of meeting him. And don't even get me started on him. The only reason this series has any measure of mild success is the art, which at first makes a great job at conveying feelings of the characters (it has to, because the story sure as hell won't be doing that) but becomes very repetitive the longer the manga goes on, up to a point where it becomes annoying in terms of retarded virgin reactions.

tl:dr, It's worth giving it a shot, don't expect much though
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Shit cunt ass titties.jpg
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>12 years old
>still the greatest piece of art to ever grace the anime industry

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEQtkLNTmRs
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TFW Nujabes is dead and never coming back.
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fuck, don't remind me

I simply can't get enough ping pong.
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The doubles songs that just came out aren't bad. I like this one the most.
Is it tanoshii?
ミッションインパクト > Bestie Storm > 放課後ラバー > shit > 部活デラックス

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Why is vanilla romance in anime so few and far between?
I'm not talking hentai.
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tamako market.jpg
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Vanilla is boring so everything needs drama to be exciting. Stuff like Kuzu no Honkai is hot stuff because of that.
Nobody knows how to write it since most people left in the industry never experienced it. Not that they can write non-vanilla romances it's just with crazy shit you can always make an excuse for your incompetence with "it's crazy shit I ain't gotta explain shit"
Most vanilla romances are boring as shit and if people in manga acted normal it would end in two chapters.

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So who suffered the most?
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Even in alternate timelines everything goes wrong
This guy

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What are the favorite cold blooded acts in anime and manga?
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Post something specific.
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Choose your partner.
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Touch Enju's enjus and Tina's tinas!
Doesn't the black haired girl NTR the MC and turns out to be a complete loon?

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What did he actually do wrong?
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killed best MILF
Not have his own route.
being male

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>Critically acclaimed as the best Japanese movie of 2016
>Gets awards overseas
>Was not pushed for an Oscar nomination because baka gaijins were pressuring for the Kimi no Nawa nomination, which was inferior

A golden moment lost.
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Fuck off already retard, it doesn't need any award at all if it's a good film.
Isn't the theoretical purpose of an awards process divorced of politics to celebrate the extraordinarily good and lift it above the ingratiating, or the merely popular?
>Caring about award
>Caring about the Oscars

Was Haruhi a bitch?
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Was and is.
Yes? She was borderline unbearable at times.
>that part where she drunks mikuru to do her bidding

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