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>every episode starts with a recap
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Stop watching One Piece.
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>ED is shit
>have to sit through it or skip it to get to the extras at the end of the ep
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>four or more episodes in a row with the same flashback

Oh shit, turns out the restaurant of your choice is owned by the Vampire Ninjas.
Do you have what it takes to resist them?
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Can't resist perfection.
>Do you have what it takes to resist them?
Yes because cowtits and sadistic bitches are a turn off.

OTOH, a restaurant owned by masou shoujo lolis would be irresistible.
Why would you even want to resist perfection?
I think there's nothing better than sadistic black haired bitches with big breasts.

Why is it so... endingless? What is the point of this story? Kaguya became but another loop in the spiral, repeating the story of her predecessor completely. All that is left is grief, sadness, and regret. Everything she had, even her memories, is gone. Everyone she was connected is miserable, one way or another.
It's not even a tragedy, really, it's just nothing.
And why do people regard it as one of the best Ghibli films?
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I know I've seen this thread before.
Do you see any responses in it?
Watch it again in a few years... once you get 21+ probably. Art is hard to understand at first.

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What if your little sister was cuter than you?
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I could buy her all sorts of cute clothes and brag about her to my friends.
What if your older sister was cuter than you?
Why isn't there any art of her lying on her back getting a harsh dicking?

What's your opinion of my wife's son?
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>mom's hair is red
>dad's hair is brown
Why is he not making questions.
That's because he kill yourself.
You can also take after your grandparents, I basically skipped a generation and took after both my grandparents.

Then again, I have red eyes and blue eyes which are recessive.

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no one?
nope, sorry
I guess I should have disguised it as some little girls cartoon thread

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What was the name of the squid girl again?
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isn't Tatsumaki technically a cake?
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28 year olds are the best!
This is true. Cake lolis are the best.

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Left or right?
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Left all the way.
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Left. Dekko is cute but she's more like a little animal.
Depends, for what purposes?

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But that's not Esdeath. The manga stumbled when it kept wanting to introduce new antagonists without getting rid of Esdeath first, which meant they were all overshadowed by her presence constantly.
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ok guys. i just finished both sesons of this.
can some one explain to me what the point of this was.
was it a comedy?
slice of life ?
im so confused.
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Marriage and breeding propaganda.
Are you autistic? A series doesn't have to be only one thing.

But still, >>152815248

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>Ear cleaning
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Is that a stick insect?
I like to watch videos of ear cleaning with either ambient sound or light piano music in the background.
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Elf improvised mimikaki tool.

>One has daddy issues
>Another is a psychotic killer
>Another is a fujoshit
Lelei is the best and the most pure girl.
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Too bad the anime was shit.
>first to learn Japanese
>wants a Japanese boyfriend
>denies her heritage
>Japan best country

Lelei showed signs of being a weeaboo
Perfect girl.

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What's with the hate for Rokka no Yuusha? It follows the LN perfectly, the pacing is superb (1 volume a season is amazing, needs moar seasons), has a cliche but good storyline.
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What hate for Rokka no Yuusha?
>What's with the hate for Rokka no Yuusha?

You pull shit out of your ass, there's better ways to start a thread about a show you enjoyed.
I liked it.

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Are you enjoying the isekai fad a lot more than its predecessor, the magical girlfriend fad?
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No I hate both of them.
I enjoy all nice things.
LN writers should combine the genres where the protagonist reincarnates as the magical girlfriend of another secondary protagonist in another world.

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