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Say my name.
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You're Heisenberg.
Dlanor A Knox.
Dammit, I'm late.

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K-On sucks. I despise it intensely. It is the very reason I get headaches.

It has no real plot, there's no aim or direction the show takes except fucking around until the school concert. I don't care if Mugi imagines having sex with her teacher, because it doesn't even lead anywhere. I don't care about Ui's shyness or fear of scary stories (stopped being funny the first time). The show was so stupidly pointless I didn't even give a shit when Mio accidentally flashed the school assembly. The series is completely unfunny, without a plot nor a care about real character development. I can't even find a good part of the show except for the fact God invented the X button so I could stop watching it before I vomited profusely all over my keyboard over the shitty "moe" crap.

Be damned. Be damned, all of you who actually have so little (or more realistically, have no) taste that they would actually like this retarded series.

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I agree with you OP, there are other way better slice of life anime. K-On is well polished nothing.
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>well that's just, like, your opinion, man.
At least you watched it to form an opinion
>Actual criticism instead of just calling it shit


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I hate it...
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Zawa Zawa

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why must he suffer?
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He could have called her.
I know that he "could have."

shit, please tell me they touch back on this
Racers doesn't need girlfriends.

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anser my question, it a order /a/!

Is Nunnally in Sason 3?
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Why wouldn't she be?
Why wouldnt she be?
Who cares?
There'll be a timeskip. She won't be cute anymore.

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Poptepipic 27, Honey Come Chatka 10, and IP Police Tsuduki-chan 3.
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Is this still Touhou or is it completely independent?
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bkub is a strong independent mangaka now.

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There is no such thing as a perfect an-
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It's a board about animals.
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gintama isn't perfect anymore this guy ruined it by its immortality . what a retarded plot twist ! couldn't the gorilla think of something else?

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I want to ____ Gappy
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Let me ask you a question.
『Large Fries』 or 『Fried Chicken』?
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Don't even dare to touch my 『Large Fries』, beetlefag

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Im ok with the god of training being their mascot
>his friend Pikachu

I laughed more than I should have.

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Fuck, both are ugly.
>Silver hair
Both are bland, generic no personality girls. I guess I'll go with right only because she's an elf. However, she isn't even a hot elf, so she doesn't even have that going for herself.

Rin has some nice ________
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Old men?
Consternation marks
old men she pleases for money.

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Less than a day to go. How will madman Iok ruin everyone's weekend this time?
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>How will madman Iok save everyone's weekend this time?
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Iok is saving the show, not ruining anything.
I just want Iok to die already. As far as bumbling fools goes at least Patrick and Mashima were likable fools. Iok is just a straight up cunt.

Is Kakyoin a virgin? I have nothing better to do than ask this question.
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Nah, it was implied that DIO got to that boipucci.
Kakyoin vomited when he first met DIO.
Raped by Dio.

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I don't know who's the more autistic, the lead girl or the MC.
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Well I know that its a shit manga at the least.
Lead girls friend is up there as well.
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cliffhangers and nothing happens as usual

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Why is steins;gate complete shit

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