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Japan is fucked.png
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Pretty much, if Japanese people are this docile
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zqn shitposting.png
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>Shitposting on a chan during a zombie apocalypse

Is this realistic anons?
>when they start to offer their butts to other anons so they don't die virgins
i can totally see it happening

Of course it is.

Plus I would check in on /k/ because I'm sure they are posting survival advice

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Underrated butts.
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>posts k-on
Fuck off
That's a poor butt if I ever did see one.
>being this new.

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Yu Yu.jpg
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Please tell me this show gets better.

I'm on episode 4 of Yu Yu Hakusho, and it's just a slog so far. I don't know how people say it's better than HxH. Characters seem flat so far, and the plot is not that captivating.
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>4 episodes in

What do you expect in four episodes.
Something that can give me incentive to keep going with the show, so far there's nothing interesting about it. HxH at least had the Hunter Exams, but this just seems to be going nowhere.
didn't he just get back into his body?

keep watching nigger

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This is just mean
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What is it?
Wait, so Ebino told him not to hook up with anyone?
>a dumb walking tits is going to lose

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How is something as awful as this praised by weebs as "deep", "amazing plot", and "dark"?
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Leaving everything else aside, are you really arguing that Madoka isn't dark, and that "dark" is praise?
I miss when you could just like this series.
Why do you think it's awful? It's ok.

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First, the "Digimon Adventure tri" movies. Now "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions".



Is nostalgia anime a thing now?
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That hack Watsuki shitting out more Kenshin.
Dragonball Super.
Sailor Moon Crystal.
Don't forget the new Pokemon movie

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>having nostalgia for the dub

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Gyarus are for _________
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posting threads with underscores
Why does Japan keep making gyarus into megasluts or super innocents?
Just make them regular girls that like to dress fancy, dammit!

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is re zero a masterpiece?
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Niwaka anime are not masterpieces.
why though

I just watched this on a stream with a bunch of people. I like it, i know it's a cuck meme and all, but ignore that a little bit.
What i want to talk about is endings, this anime had a disappointing ending, and so do many many others.
I can't think of one with a good ending, i'm sure they must exist, but i can't think of it.
What show would you say has a good ending?
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>I can't think of one with a good ending
You need lurk more, and watch over 100 anime before commenting.
The anime had a disappointing beginning I actually liked the ending.
I watched many. Most end like shit or "end" as in expecting a new season that will never come.

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What's the appeal of girls (male)
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It appeals to faggots, because gay men like males.

However, there's a really worthwhile appeal in Girl (male[actually female])

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it's out https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/nanatsu_no_taizai/en/0/204/page/1
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I can't believe this manga fucked it'self so badly holy shit. Not even Magi and Shokugeki no Soma screwed themselves up this bad. Everybody just noped the fuck out of here like Yamada and the seven witches
What killed this series?
/a/ do not care about this manga a-anymore..?

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Dogakobo is finally out of their 2+ year slump after Nozaki and has finally made something that isn't utter fucking garbage.
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No "we" can't because they only bad year Doga had was 2015
>2 year slump

Did you forget they made Umaru and New Game?
Someone please post the "is it fun always being so mad" picture.

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It's been more than 4 months.

Miura is kill?
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It's sometime early this year. January isn't even over yet, faggot
He specifically said April, to coincide with Berserk (2016) (2017).
he's scared of the backlash of so many people wanting to murder casca when she runs off to rejoin griffith, so he's delaying it as much as possible

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2MB, 1280x720px
Should lolis be so lewd?
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How is that lewd? They're far too young and underdeveloped to be thought of as lewd.
No, they're lewd.
Loli's can't be lewd. They hardly have breasts and their cunnies are so small and don't even have hair on them.

What exactly is this supposed to be? The first person viewpoint and the camera angle make it feel like the guy we're seeing through the eyes of is some super perv
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Well, the audience for this sort of thing are perverts. So they got that right.
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This show panders so fucking hard they even removed the self-insert MC. Sasuga Japan.
Waifu self-insert shit ad absurdum

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