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I just realised that Season 3 was almost 4 years ago by now, there's no chance for season 4 now. It still hurts, /a/.
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Don't give up. Almost four years passed between seasons 1 and 2 as well.
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Is there any chance now that Manglobe is dead?
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Why would you want one?
The first season was great but it just went downhill from there.
posting best girl

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I can die happy now.

Just saw all three parts of Kizumonogatari in Cologne.
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It's gonna be less than a minute till part 3 starts for me
is your gf safe?
Tell us about Part 3.

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What does /a/ think of this anime?
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At first it seemed pretty interesting but it has serious issues when it comes to it's tone. Also, there's a love hexagon or some shit and it's pissing me off.
It's alright.

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Find a flaw.
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She's not Kaoru or Ayatsuji
Used goods.
Close to 40 years old now, if not 40 already

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>What are you watching right now?
>Do you like it

>pic related
>just finished number one
>hell yeah
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Cute post anon
This thread has a /v/ile odor.
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Anyone remember that time when MCs weren't afraid of pussy and actively pursued it?
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Say something nice about her!
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She's a good, caring sister.
she have big lewd boobs

Mashup time!

Mashups (also know and xenochrony) are where you take two seemingly random youtube videos and combine them for interesting results. There are two sites that work well for this.

youdubber.com (if you want to just swap out the audio of a video)
vmashup.com (if you want to combine two simultaneous videos and audio)

Simply copy and paste youtube URLs into the appropriate spots, play around with the settings a bit to your liking, and post results.

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>youdubber thread
I've been waiting to post this


Lupin III x Austin Powers

Whoever did this one, I love it!

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What do you want to see in the sequel?
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Not being on a fucking train all the way through.

Retarded decision, Limits the show so much.

I'm sure a director/producer said this as well but they ignored it.
No retarded shonen villains
No retarded superpowers that don't fit the setting
No more village/train-stop of the week formula
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Ikoma filling Mumei's belly with his rice.

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Would she run to tell on Araragi to Gahara as soon as she successfully seduces him?
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That would break the heart of the girl she loves and turn the one guy she likes against her. Doubtful.
Doesn't she want to bang Senjougahara though?
Why does she even like Gahara? Why does Araragi even like Gahara? Why does anyone even like Gahara?

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We should also honor Manabi Straight's 10th anniversary this year in addition to Lucky Star.
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Soon mai waifu is born.
90% of /a/ does not know this exists. I miss shows like this though.

Rakugo was a mistake
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I wish SJWs would have her mentality.

Blame Kiku

I found this at my local library and I don't want to return it. Should I just steal it? I'm probably going to steal this.
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Just buy it, dude.
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But I don't wanna. I could save $20 if I didn't pay for it.
That book is literally 10 bucks.

I just finished this and I can't understand how you can like this liar bitch. Everyone conveniently forgets that Rem has no troubles going behind Subaru's back and scheming while keeping a smile in her face the whole time.
Rem is not someone you can trust, she can smile and then stab you in the back when you least expect it like she did to Subaru when she killed him in the mansion or when she abandoned him to go fight the cult on her own.
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You are right
I like that there are different sides to her. People who get too caught up in one thing or the other and are blind to the wonderful whole.
You don't understand how people like her? You should feel ashamed you can't understand simple things like how redditors can enjoy a starter tier waifu.

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