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>walks up to a random girl she's never spoken to
>nuzzles her

Holy shit that was fucking heartwarming. Kasumi takes genki girl heroines to a new level.
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Creepy. There's something wrong with this girl.
You thought it was creepy? Aw. I find her extremely affectionate personality really endearing.

Poor man's honk

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Out look for reading the entire series from best to worst:

Soul Society arc (9-20)
Pre-Reaper (1-8)
1000 Year Blood War (55-74)
Arrancar Arc (21-32)
Fake Karkura Town War (33-48)
Fullbring Arc (49-54)

What are yours?
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Why didn't Kubo make the series about overthrowing the obviously corrupt soul society instead of about le asspulling keikaku man?

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Uhhhhh I thought this was for little children? Wth Ninty
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That's my wife Suiren please don't post about her thanks
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Pokemon literally started like this.

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Why are Yuukos yuukos so wonderful?
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Because she is the softest.

Probably one of the best romance manga I've read.
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>Because she is the softest.
Also the prettiest. Look at her face.
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D-did someone say soft?

When it comes to classic series,held in high regards, you guys always say:
>[Character] did nothing wrong

But I can't find this character in Evangelion.
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Kaworu did nothing wrong.
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Dio did nothing wrong
Except for break Shinji's heart, but that was inevitable.

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Why didn't Shaman King take off like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece?
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Fights weren't all that deep or strategic and kinda boring.
But Yoh was so based.
It wasn't a big enough reference to JoJo at the time

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What's with the whole monogatari series vibe this anime's giving?
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It's written by the same author as Monogatari and adapted by the same studio and same director
meme necks
So literally same entire team of people, wow, did LNfags say if it was good or something?

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Is she a slut or simply fucked in the head? She actively looks for opportunities to get captured and raped by monsters and yet during the bath scene, she was worried about her purity.

What is her endgame?
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Fantasy and reality is different. Plenty of people have rape fantasy both victim and attacker situations, but most people don't want to rape others or be raped with in reality. Also as far as being attacked by monsters, Darkness is ridiculously strong, so she doesn't worry about the danger as much as others.
Literally three seconds in Google.

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Starting with the prime example.
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kekkai sensen.png
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great ost in general/10
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Hey /a/. I bet your waifu is a silly billy and an airhead and loves you deeply! Like some kind of love sick looser!
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Makes sense.

You'd have to have some kind of mental disability or psychological disorder to want anything to do with me.
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Why is the sound design abysmal?

Why do the characters look so autistic?

Why do people like this show?
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it fulfills their fantasy of being reincarnated as a little girl
I want to like this show but honestly the popularity turns me off from it.

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Why does she make me feel so emasculated?
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You like shit.
Because you're a bitch?
Don't you feel it as well?

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So I just watched Eureka 7 for the first and I liked it a lot.
What's /a/s general opinion of the series, is it overhyped, or is it one of the rare few series that lives up to the normie hype-train?

In addition, is AO/the movie worth a watch? Or are they both irredeemable shit?

Bonus question: which OP, and why is it OP 2?
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Both AO and the movie are such irredeemable pieces of shit that they will retroactively ruin your enjoyment of the original.
It was pretty good. AO is hot garbage though.

Who are girls you pledge to protect?
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My wife. Who else?
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this smile
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How does /a/ feel about rape?
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It's the only way /a/nons could ever get any pussy.
I crave it everyday.

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