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>They anthropomorphize the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram made manga about it.
They were ABLE to make twitter something that cute.
I like when Japan do it.
Ah, Japan....You are so innocent.
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Fuck. Wrong image.
brb, making billions by re-implementing every site on the internet but with a custom cute girl administering your account
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Top Right is User.
Top left is Twitter san. (He is literally we, the users.)
Bottom left is Facebook san.
Bottom right is Instagram san.

F/Z had

>strong female characters who weren't overly sexualized

>mature themes

>adult characters with interesting motives

>non-adult characters that weren't half bad

>good fights that didn't shy away from being brutal

What happened to Fate? Why is it all lolis and scantily clad women now?
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Because Fate got better.
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My nigga.

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>Intellectual fights
>Revive after death by some bullshit plot
I feel so stupid for not realizing all the things that didn't add up during that fight, imagining that machi was pulling the needles with her string when you could just asspull it saying *oh he made the needles vanish because they were made out of nen* was bullshit

But then there are things like shalnark power being used by talking on a phone instead of playing with your phone

Or how hisoka expected 30 clones and there were 200, my mind just kept telling me *uh well I guess that's all right, it fits and hisoka was wrong*

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Manga > LN

I started reading the LN, and it's not as detailed as the manga is. You'd think the opposite would be true, but the manga author is really filling in gaps.

>manga explains how the goblins ambushed the group in chapter one; LN glosses it over with the goblins "digging tunnels" from the side or something
>manga has GS masking Priestess' smell with entrails and blood; LN doesn't
>manga combines CG and GG chapters for better pacing
>manga shows stone ranked adventurers falling for a goblin ambush and getting taken out by the goblin with a sling; LN has them simply falling to superior numbers (though it does mention they made the mistake of attacking at noon)
>manga has GS obsessing over just hearing someone say the word goblin; LN leaves out that gag
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What frustrates me a little about this is that for trying to have its main character to be such a weapons&armor nerd, it gets it way too wrong.
It's still enjoyable though.
Explain why it's wrong, weapons&armor sage.
Most obvious example in that image is the sword.
The "guard" is downright silly. The blade size is retarded. The lack of pommel is stupid.

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What's the comfiest anime and why is it Rurouni Kenshin?
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i like the openings
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The first 26 episodes (and the 2nd ed) we comfy

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Which would you Cross?
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Hilda (older) is a miracle of the universe
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Chris 3.png
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I would play videogames with her, and the loser would have to Cross the other.
More to come?

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So where do you put Kira on this
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I don't know whether you mean Imagay or Yoshikage, but either way, nowhere, because they're not villains.
Talking about Yoshikage Kira actually. Since Light is obviously just meh tier

Elder God tier, he had the right fucking idea. Criminals should be fucking killed.

ITT: We post капитан
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da, comrade
That Balalaika looks a little thick to me.
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Please go.

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Finished Utena, does the movie answer my remaining questions?
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Watch it and find out.

No, it doesn't.
Nope, but the movie is better than the main series and kinda tackles on the same themes
Nope. Still worth watching though.

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It isn't right now
I'm not seeing Kobayashi OP. Just a dragon cosplaying.
It is now

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What are your thoughts on smelly, unwashed, stinky, unhygienic lolis?
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Some one order a stinky loli?
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They're pretty nice if you hold your nose.

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>I guess we really ARE
>Hibike! Euphonium
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*toot* *toot*
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>I have truly become
>Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

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It's Re:Zero done right.
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Clearly not as unlike re: zero nobody gives a shit about it
That's because this show came out most likely before you were even born, kiddo.
No it's because normalfags refuses to watch anything pre-2006 anime.

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>it's a Toda-kun getting BTFO chapter
I bet Akira has a big dick.
Did he just give up on having a proper conversation?

She's really alpha when she finds a pussy she likes.
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Good pussy
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Best nyanko coming through!

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