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Why do people think this guy is a good villain?

>talks alone in the attic just so that some random kid hears his evil plan
>has no fucking goal besides killing people
>one of his last words was ''boner''
>supposed to be really careful and meticulous yet screams his entire plan in the middle of the street instead of keeping quiet which would he ensure he won
>talks alone in the attic

I won't lie he is entertaining but being entertaining alone does not make you a good villain
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I think it has to do with many villains in anime being, well, much like Dio. Kira doesn't have any grand ambitions and just wants to live a quiet life. He even is the protagonist for an episode or two and we get to see him just trying to be normal, which really humanizes him.
Because he isn't a cookie-cutter "I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD AHAHAHAHAHA / I WILL RIP OFF EVANGELION'S INSTRUMENTALITY AHAHAHAHA" villain. He's just a mentally-ill psychopathic serial killer.
>being entertaining alone does not make you a good villain
hmm, I won't openly disagree with you but I will question you. I do enjoy my gray morals, but I think black and white morals is acceptable as long as there is another selling point of the series. And in Jojos case, gray morals where never a thing as far as I know(I haven't seen all of it).

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Very important question

How the hell would they fuck?
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When he stands on his hands, he can anchor her to the ground with his penis.
matress on the ceiling, a very high bed, with the exact height, so he can be on that, she on the ceiling, with just centimetres between them. Then they can fuck and it would be hot as fuck
If they both lie face-down, her vagina would float up over his penis. Repeat for sex.

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>this kid had thousands of practice fights with his friend and became a really good swordsman
>therefore he's superhumanly strong, can leap meters into the air and beat grown up soldiers by the dozen
I can accept the first part, but how does the latter make sense?
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Leave out this word, and it makes sense by comic rules.
It runs on dynasty warriors logic for combat. Just accept that people with a name tag have super human strength and enjoy it for what it is, a japanese comic about the warring states period with a bit more historical accuracy than 300

Who will get speared first, Ten or Kyou Kai?

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Why are these aliens so sexy
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they are not sexy they are obnoious
>guy posts daily UY and Ranma threads
>gets banned
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ataru and sakura.jpg
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since this is an urusei yatsura thread,can someone tell me what sakura sensei is saying here(from the ds game,cause i dontremember her making this face ever for ataru in the anime)

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Mori Summer.png
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This is my wife. I love her. Say something nice about her.
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Fake Mori Summer is good at deceiving people.
When did I become your wife?
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Do these look fake to you?

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Why are Satoshi Kon movies so forgettable? From other /a/ threads I've noticed that it isn't only me who forgets them, but a lot of other anons as well.
A few years after watching any of his movies leaves only the memory of enjoying them, rather than anything about the story or the plot.
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I think you might have Alzheimer's, gramps
That's how it is about almost every series/movie? If you remember most of what you watched once after a few years you're a freak. There are not even a dozen series I remember well.
So it feels fresh when rewatching

If you are God, and the delusion becomes reality. About what kind of the noids you get?
Is it the sensual world? The despotic society? The destructive sanctions?
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Is the anime any good or just a totally rushed turd like everyone was saying it was going to be?
I actually forgot it was even airing.
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It's rushing through the chapters quite fast and a lot of things are lacking from it. I wouldn't recommend watching it if you haven't read the Visual Novel. But if you have read it, it is ok. Seeing your favorite scenes animated is nice. I can't forgive them for changing the Sticker design though.
It's fine if you're used to rushed VN adaptations. Which is unfortunate considering the staff seem competent enough to make it good if they were given an extra cour.

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Left or Right?
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Left. This isn't a question for anyone with taste.
Left. Right is shit.
So you're into eyebrows? That's taste to you?

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live alive.jpg
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What are some great scenes of characters dancing/playing music in anime?
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Watch more KyoAni
careful OP.
posting bunny Haruhi is a bannable offense nowadays.
Kigami's K-On! scenes.

Well, that happened...
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Download the BD version already.
FUN FACT: When this aired on Adult Swim, the bottom guy was replaced by a pillow.
So it's more acceptable for a guy to fuck his daki instead?

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New NNT, evil angels and cute demons.
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Angels did nothing wrong
>Demons dindu nuffin
>They're all civilians...

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you see her what do /a/
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bow or curtsey (depending if it is a broad level genderbend or target specific) with respect and then go about my usual business if given leave to do so.
Play with her chess


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download (5).jpg
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Fuck your JJBA, Gundam, and other shitty ass cartoons, no anime can prevail against the magnificent beauty of Yuri On Ice. Fuck all haters that talk trash about YOI and how about just watch this show?
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Go choke on a dick.
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File: 1425466605328.png (1MB, 960x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>this is what yaoi on ice fans keep telling themselves everyday

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peace peace.jpg
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This is Yotsugi
Say something nice to her
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Most recent threads.
And I can't even decide which one is worse.
You're not as shit as some other Gataris.

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>it's okay to have afterschool hug sessions with a grown-ass man, as long as he's your teacher :^)
Was the anime meant to be creepy af?
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It was meant to be a filter for normalfags like you
reddit is the other way.

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