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Best episode yet.

Faith completely restored.
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What was so good about it?
I'm just waiting for the Vigne x Gabu centric episodes. The anime is probably saving them for the last episode, because they are the best.

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Why does this faggot suck so much? He has some level 100 Pikachu and Charizard, but he still loses often to some losers he meets on his journey and he has never beaten the Pokemon league.
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Also he hasn't catched any legendaries
marketing, for some reason the big wigs think his market value would plummet if he wins a league or looks compitant in battle.
>Ok Pikachu let's train tactics
>Tactic 101: don't try to dodge an incoming attack if I do not shout it
>That's all for this year, I'm sure the Elite Four won't expect such a cunning plan

lelouch and c.c living together in the underground. Have a small family founded, how many daughters do they have?
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Best couple

>how many kids
Depends on how many years exactly its been since Zero Requiem
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best girl.jpg
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Childhood is when you idolize Love Hina.
Adulthood is when you realize Maison Ikkoku makes more sense.
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>Redhead with floof
>Ravenhaired with long housewife hair'

I miss the 80s.
Who the fuck idolize Love Hina?
Great shows.

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I love still a thing?
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Yes, thank you.

And you the great welcome then too?
Is that a yuri kuma?

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It's good to see the end of their relationship, but suddenly your gendoolike friend show up and decide to play a detective.
Cmon, write more drama, expose more sex, you dirty whore.
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>wife finds out him cheating and forgave him
>he finds out she cheated too
>reee fuck dat bitch
Dumb hypocrite.
he's an awesome key she's a broken lock
He fucked because of the nature, because he need to dispose the sperm.
She fucked for revenge.

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Is /a/ getting ready to remember our fallen hero?
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Oh god i forgot that there's a specific date for his death.
Purest jojo

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Why does /a/ keep trying to make it seem like anyone cares about this series anymore? 6 years without new material = dead.
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Did you miss that series that aired in 2015?
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That was just a spin-off which no one ended up caring about.
>Making a thread to tell everyone how much you don't care
Wow OP, I wish I were as cool as you.

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Dare you enter my magical realm?

Five episodes in, and this bitch still can't ride a fucking broom. Why's she even in a magic school in the first place? Isn't she a fucking muggle or something?
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Didn't you watch the last episode?
They had a huge debt to a dragon. Now that they cleared that up maybe its time for this bitch to say goodbye to the school.
Sucy MC when
she's special

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Who is the target audience for this?
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I don't know what hentai that is, but if it's a sexualized loli, it's always adult males.
Lesbian lolis
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It's a serialized series. And that is just wrong

This asshole has doomed like 10 universes to destruction with his little tournament.
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The lyrics are from Goku's perspective
That's some great fanfiction you just said sempai keep not trying.

Meme subs still going strong.
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It was a great episode for both Tapris and Satania though.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
It's been a very long time since a single girl has carried a show this hard.

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Honestly, Little Witch Academia feels like something only Disney could produce, but only Disney in its heyday, alongside movies like Sorcerer's Stone and Phantasia

How can one anime be so perfect? It doesn't even feel like something only for weeb faggots, it feels like something for everyone
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I dunno, Akko is a bit too retarded to be fun.

It's not perfect, but it does something other anime has been failing to do for the past decade: it is not based mainly on other anime. It pulls its references, story ideas, and animation style from a variety of sources. Most anime just pulls from other anime and maybe one hobby. This has led to anime feeling very niche, very self-referential; not for everyone, just for anime people. LWA avoids this pitfall.
You need to watch more anime.

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Why didn't you save her, /a/?
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Do I look like a hero to you?
I don't remember Tensai dying.

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