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Meidofags rejoice! Looks like based Maruyama will be catering to you with the special edition sidestory.
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When are the movies coming out?
What's the difference between a shapshifter and dopplerganger?
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I want the book itself.

Yummy Meidos.

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no cellphone shenanigans, you know the drill
you can do isekai, as long as is not dream fullfilment shit
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Grimdark isekai with plagues, witchcraft, real demons, and no rpg bullshit like reviving, xp, and quests. And little to no waifus either.
>Beserk the isekai
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a battle academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
Alternate history where instead of going full isolation the early Tokugawa Shogunate sends japs to explore Alaska in search of a lead that Yoshitsune no Minamoto escaped there instead of dying.

They dont find anything but it starts the Japanese colonization of North America, series follows the members of one clan over generations from the explorer to the frontier samurai to the seperatist revolutionary.

>she sees your dick
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How many dicks do you think Aqua has seen?
You mean your excalibur
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/a/ sings Konosuba ED 2 - Ouchi ni Kaeritai

-Record the FULL song with headphones (No instrumental tracks)
-Send your submission to [email protected]
-If you have any other questions, just send me an e-mail

Soundtrack + Instrumental Track : https://soundcloud.com/jason-ju/sets/ouchi-ni-karitai-konosuba-2-ed
Printable Lyrics: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9QYQyojB5yiQUd6akRjYjNER00/view?usp=sharing
Alternative Lyrics Source: http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/konosuba-kono-subarashii-sekai-ni-shukufuku-wo-2-theme-songs/ouchi-ni-kaeritai-wanna-go-home/
MP3 Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9QYQyojB5yidTJqclJsNV90b28/view?usp=sharing
FLAC Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9QYQyojB5yiSkFtdHF1YzN1X00/view?usp=sharing

And if you missed the first /a/ Sings Konosuba:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jason-ju/a-sings-konosuba-ed-chiisana-boukensha
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJzEscb4Pcw

Deadline is whenever the last episode airs.

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Where are we going anon?
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straight to the bottom of the nearest lake!
Dearborn, Michigan
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>preferring feminine penis to masculine vagina
The fuck, /a/nons?
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Kashima-kun is my husbando.
Good taste is rare.
I think we can all at least agree that either is preferable to a masculine penis or feminine vagina.

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Are you guys ready for the savior of the mecha genre?
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Not when the first chapter is Literally Nothing.
>Just a generic shitty looking suit of armor but tall
LNs can't do anything right
All i know is i want to fuck the main character.

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Where are all the anime about big girls?
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In Japan, a "Big Girl" (For You) is, like, 5'7" tall and a "Giant Girl" is 5'10"-5'-11".
There was a manga about it a long time ago, but I don't remember the name.

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Well, looks like we're caught up now. Somehow. Anyways, here's 63.
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[Left] The archipelago is plunged into a dispute!
"Who the hell are you!"

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[Center] People call him, 'The Heisei Monster'
[Top Subtitle] The Legend of the Heisei Chief
63: The monster has yet to wake
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"The attacks on the offices of the Oudou Syndicate which originated last month"
"Are still ongoing in every area of Tokyo. The NPA" [Second sentence incomplete]

"How naughty"


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Leave Nene to me.
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I want to anally rape that cunt.
I like her shirt
I want to anally rape that shirt.

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There are way too fucking many MaiDragon threads. How about a Flip Flappers thread instead?
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Wake me when Cocopapi get this lewd with each other, anon.
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Disgusting. Cocona and Papika have a pure relationship not any of that degenerate crap.
Pure love is fine and all, but sooner or later those girls gotta get down and dirty. It just doesn't feel real if they act like nuns around each other. They're teenage girls in love, for fuck's sake; why waste time pussyfooting around?

You can't just blush while hold hands and stare deeply into each other's eyes forever. Something's gotta give

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EP744 - Sera VS Makoto.webm
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Case Closed is a valid name Edition
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Sera a shit.
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Here's your reply

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Math, not even once.
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But I see there a happy math fairy and a regular schoolgirl that lost faith in math and went for accounting.
Where can I get my own math fairy?
They are roaming around looking for someone to solve their riddle and save them from child abuse.

What do people like about this show?
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The subtitles.
The characters, hi-jinks, ending theme.
Yuki Nagato

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Read the guide first before asking questions. buyfags.moe
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still alive
I know the guide suggests ordering custom wall scrolls and using the two sites listed to find scans, but are there any other scan related sites you guys use? Having trouble finding some tapestry scans.
Why are retards making new threads when the current one is stll up?

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It's finally over, the stupid cavalry battle, and these last two chapters were actually enjoyable! I liked Hana and all but it seems like she's going low to sabotage Chiyo which isn't cool at all. Any ideas as to where this will go?
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Make way for our lord and savior
Wasn't PBR-sama sacrificed to save the world at the end of the last arc?
>Wasn't PBR-sama sacrificed to save the world at the end of the last arc?

didn't jesus sacrifice himself to save us all from sin?

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