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White rhinoceroses produce sounds which include a panting contact call, grunts and snorts during courtship, squeals of distress, and deep bellows or growls when threatened.
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What an interesting animal fun fact.
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I want her to stare at me while I do lewd things.

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Where were you when the king took back the throne?

>Dragon-Ball 3Q sales: 39.6 billion yen
>Full year expected: 50 billion yen

>One Piece 3Q sales: 23.2 billion yen
>Full year expected: 29.5 billion yen

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>franchise that's only popular in japan
>franchise that's popular internationally
Looks like DBSuper is not ending this decade
DB is the everywhere... Right?

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Is this an ugly artstyle?

I think I've gotten so used to it and like it to the point where I don't notice the visual flaws.
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what's with that ice cream cone?
>I think I've gotten so used to it
Maybe now you can see how shitty the plot is and how the whole series is worst type of Love Hina-tier harem.

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for the six people watching Twin Star Exorcists

how will they bring back this smile?
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you can actually see the exact second her heart breaks

seriously though Benio bullying is not okay.
Looking forward to fight next week. Also read the manga from the start if you really like this, its good
It aired until that chapter?

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Which Love Live do you pleasure yourself to the most?
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As for me it's Kotori-chan
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Same here
Who the fuck faps to 2D?

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See this spider? We haven't seen her since October. If this upcoming chapter doesn't bring her back, there is gonna be trouble
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This thread will be called shit, demanded to be deleted but the five fucking dragon maid threads will be OK.
That's because the manga is no longer lewd.

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Best ruse ever?
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Maybe if the rest of the show wasn't complete garbage focused on an unlikable dyke. Then again I guess that's why the ruse worked.
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Yomi ;_;
They weren't dykes. Only homo was the big drill guy.

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What do you recommend to play a video game if you hanging out with Fafnir?
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How does he sleep while Fafnir is playing vidya?
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He takes a nap while Fafnir is playing.

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best anime organizations?
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The Far East Magical Napping Society of Summer
Fucking >>>/trash/ honestly.
The National Socialist German Workers' Party

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JC Staff still has the airing rights to this, it's a shame they'll never do anything with it.
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I still wait and pray that Eiken will one day get a reboot
>Character that behaves as if the slightest touch of her breasts is agonizing

Wasn't both the anime and manga heavily panned?
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Kirika is best girl

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"Sir, sir!"

"Please help me find my girlfriend!"
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Anyone else notice that this dude wears the same hoodie as Saito?

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Do you guys even remember her? R.I.P
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Don't remind me.
Better tag system than panda
I was just on it like a couple of hours ago.

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Nobody remembers Mitty

Except me
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She's so pretty
that's what she gets for falling for that fucking unlikable sociopath
I like every characters on this show except MC.

Also, best uniform ive seen.

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Did I miss something? I thought people were praising the shit out of it? I watched it, and didn't feel like it was anything special. It was good, but not extraordinary. I liked the animation though.

Should I rewatch it? Because I feel like I'm missing something that others caught.What did you guys think?
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I thought just about the same. I thought it was great, had some good humor, beautiful visuals and themes, made me feel a bit, but it didn't feel anything spectacular. It was good, but it didn't blow any kind of boundaries for me. Still a good movie, though.
No, you're literally the only one who didn't like it. Thanks for blogging about your super controversial opinions.
No I agree with OP, its a good movie. But not so good that I would watch again.

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