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give me one reason why I should keep watching this edgy tripe
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Here the (You) that you want.
>/a/ shills this show
>can't justify any reason to keep watching it

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How did the whole eating in the toilet trope start?
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>he doesn't eat on the toilet

why don't you get with the times, man?
>he never ate in the toilet
Still do this at work every day.
>he doesn't eat the toilet

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do you love god, /a/nal rapists?
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This is true terror

Now do the redhead

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If only Kircheis was here
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If only moot were still alive...
Fuck Moot. He created /soc/, /mlp/, /s4s/, and other containment boards instead of purging the cancer.
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>100 word essay due tomorrow
>spend entire night on 4chan thinking about kicheis

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Oooo ooo oooo ooooooo
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What was so exceptional about this bitch that she had to:

Be cloned, several times
Insert her entire soul and essence into Eva, even though she had a loving husband and son
Have her husband attempt to literally end all life on the planet to be with her again, even though she tells him to fuck off in EoE
and also have his friend and her mentor go along with the plan because he wants to fug her
Murder many things as Unit 01, including her son's friend, AND letting Asuka fucking die for no reason
ultimately live for fucking ever while her soul drifts off into space

fuck her, she did everything wrong
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she probably fucked like a tiger
Think about it. Think about how Eva Unit 01 goes berserk all the fucking time. That's not the Eva. That's Yui. That's what Yui's like.

Shinji freaks the fuck out and goes into screaming rages sometimes in battle. Gendo's never like that. Gendo's cold as ice. That all comes from his mom, not his dad.

Yui Ikari is a terrifying fucking woman, a tiny ball of rage and hate. The sex must have been incredible.
nah gendo did, that's why everyone wanted his dick

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It's a waste to not catch that in your mouth

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>TFW roastie whore tries to touch you
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This board.jpg
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Good thread.
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super lewd.gif
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>TFW feminine penis boy does touch you
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>Chubby naked girl grows over the course of an episode

Hoo boy
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Loli yuri domination of older girls.
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I Satan now!
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This was the best scene in the whole episode.
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Is it wrong that I teared up a bit?
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>you will never have a best friend
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>derides tohru for liking humans
>one episode later decides humans are okay

takiya is top tier dragon tamer i guess

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Just finished watching the new series and was a pretty wild ride. The OST is great, Guts is too amazing, and his sheer badassery makes the whole worth while. Question is, should I also watch the 1997 series and have a taste of what premiered back then? I've heard good reviews about the original sequence so I'm hoping I'll maybe enjoy it as well.
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Shut the fuck up goddamn faggot and read the manga

also google susumu hirasawa for background music for reading
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physical pain.png
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What new series? There is no new series. You must be thinking of the movies.

Yeah, the movies were fairly good.

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Just finished, this show was comfy as hell. Will there be a second season?
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We can only hope.
It did well enough so maybe?

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Which chuu2 would be the best fuck?
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That's a nice ass for a retard.
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Nice ass for a teenager.
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Rikka is for cuddling only

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Punish the ugly thing
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What's going on tonight
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How does she use this weapon?
What did she mean by that?
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She obviously titty fucks it until enemies cream themselves.
What about poledance?

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