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Gabriel Dropout
One Room
Kemono Friends
Kuzu no Honkai

As well as several other decent shows.
I don't want this season to end!
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you must have dogshit standards if you think this season is good
>waah there's no jojo this season so it's shit
no u

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What went wrong?
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Wrong? It is fun as fuck.

The only bad thing is the saggyness of Aqua's tits.
Literally nothing
It's just same old same old. It feels like they're focusing too much on trying to the main characters and kinda ruining the joke by starting to make them seem semi-competent.

IMHO, they'd do better to expand the universe a bit and give the side characters more time to shine.

Is this anime like Zero no Tsukaima?
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Kinda, but a couple of orders of magnitude better.

The plot is way more interesting that ZnT. The worldbuilding is great and you actually care about what happens inthe story. Sadly, the pacing is not very well done, where the second season's first half is a massive waste of time, and the whole 3rd season is rushed as fuck.

The characters are also a lot bettter, specially the main girl Shana. It's the same archetype tsundere but she's a lot less violent, more likeable, reasonable, and she actually holds her own weight in the story. Her relationship with the MC develops very naturally and she's all around a great girl.

If you enjoyed ZnT, I'd say there are high chances you'll enjoy this one a lot more.
Ah okay, thanks for that
Also, there are 3 seaons and some OVAs. I don't remember if you should watch the OVAs after s1 or s2, but definitely watch them before s3. They add a lot of development between the characters.

And you can ignore the movie, its just a recap of s1 with a bit new animation.

Be sure to get some old school fansubs, you're gonna want to keep those de arimasu~.

man i love blame so much. is there anything else like it? the bleak atmosphere and how life is disregarded is just awesome.

i want nihei to reboot it. i know it ended up but in terms of setting sidonia and biomega don't hold a candle to the Netsphere conflict, especially with how rooted its origins are to earth and how it has parallels to current concepts (digitizing life and Dyson sphering the solar system). im not saying those stories didn't have caveats which made them great in their own right, but i didn't feel like it was a good transition from blame. i still feel a hunger for that desolate transition through floors, wondering how many centuries passed on and how many times each person dies and reboots obtaining little by little access to data that they download to obtain more stable weaponry, that is, the silicon being essentially cobbled components of the tech killy can use due to his pre-netsphere crash access to such resources and being a proper format of all those elements, still appearing human and such. it's just a fascinating struggle, not to advance humanity, but to regain their roots, no matter how entangled it became.

sorry if this constitutes blogging out, i just wanted to say what i thought about the story. i guess i wanna see who else has similar thoughts about its resolution and if they have a similar hunger for more.
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also i feel that while a lot of the art is guilty of greebling, aka overdetailing what's essentially useless or meaningless cabling/structures i think it added depth and reality to what the scale was. killy probably never even thought about 0.1% of the structures he encountered, even though they may have implemented technology beyond even Toha Heavy Industries or the Structural Conversion Towers. Speaking of which how does Toha compare to those towers in terms of tech? i know Cibo remarked how they had a machine which would make any form of matter, but does the conversion tower not have the same abilities while being open Netsphere tech? it seems odd that she'd be impressed by what's essentially more limiting since the machine had to be fixed, although that doesn't take into account how it could make matter without a person being a safeguard, controoller, or silicon cyborg; it had a control port of some sort which basic implanting could perhaps allow one to utilize. in any case its exhibit of tech was impressive, but the City seemed to have a ton of things like the Stability Axis tower in that Jupiter void, although im not sure what the cyborg meant when he said "it stabilized the contents filling the void" since that would imply that Jupiter was unstable. i guess extracting it would require such a thing? Worthy or not of inquiry, it caught my eye with not just scale which most people quote, but the way the technology was about unilateral control of the jovian planet.
Curious as to whether or not this was written on drugs, but I'll ignore that question for now.

>im not saying those stories didn't have caveats which made them great in their own right, but i didn't feel like it was a good transition from blame. i still feel a hunger for that desolate transition through floors ...
Then, now you know and understand how most loyal Nihei fans felt in reading Sidonia and Aposimz.

>not sure what the cyborg meant when he said "it stabilized the contents filling the void"
The Jupiter area was used as a storage space for materials intended for use in continuing the building of The City, but it is long-defunct. Presumably, the Silicon just meant that it organized the distribution by some method.
what made you think i was on drug? also was the axis tower used for that stability? im confused why he was so interested in how it functioned given that it should be beneath his technological understanding of things.


Chapter is out.
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Sanji is a cuck
wait, so sanji isn't actually leaving the straw hats?
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damn man

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Why haven't you killed yourself yet?
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My pets would be sad.
I need to know if my favorite character is still alive or not. After that I'm pretty much ready to go.
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Kill your pets as well.

Is anyone in this manga not a fucking retard or gigantic cunt except Takeda?

Holy shit, I don't understand how people can be this irritating.
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Just wait until the anime adaptation.
Do I really want to see retards animated, though?
Wait until you get a gf.

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Where the fuck can I read the the Saint seiya manga spin-offs? I mean, Next dimension and Lost Canvas (Gaiden included) complete all in one place. Episode G, Assassins, the original one...

Why is this so hard to find on the net
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I don't know what you mean but saint seiya lc translations are everywhere. You can read it on mangarock app if you don't want to torrent.

I don't think episode g is worth translating so there is less of that. Sho is up to date though.

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Dumping the latest raws for Yuzumori-san.
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goddamn it, I was about to go to sleep, too
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Why is this series still going on? The anime made me realize how perfectly it works as something short and sweet. The manga is slowly becoming aimlessly stupid like all slice of life and she'll either need to spice it up with death or loli romance.

>meet naru's deadbeat father who is an asshole
>handa has conflict with him that...goes nowhere after naru cries over her dad never coming to see her
>handa goes home and the Director's granddaughter is in love with him, lost a bunch of weight just to romance him
>he becomes good friends with her then rejects her and leaves back to the island
>kawafuji is jealous of his decision to quit calligraphy (yes, he did this) and become a teacher because it means they won't be together anymore
>is also jealous of handa having a gay moment with another guy on the island

Where is any of this fucking going. He quit calligraphy, he's going to stay on the island and be a teacher, he promised Naru he'd be a stand in for her father since he sucks...where is there to go from here that isn't Usagi Drop territory?
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special guest appearance of the handa-squad
>she'll either need to spice it up with death
She already did, though. The old lady's death and funeral were great for such a minor side character.

No comment on any of this because I didn't even realize there were rips that far until this thread. I should catch up.
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>spice it up with loli romance
This needs to happen.

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Narutaru shadow star opinions?
Also whats missing from the american version of the manga besides the gore and cp and does it affect the story at all?
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2edgy for the sake of being 2edgy

Nothing major was removed from the murrican version except for a couple of toned-down gore scenes and child nudity, there was a single of implied incest removed, but it was a very minor character

Also, Bokurano is miles better
The plot kinda fell apart halfway through.
is a full translation (including what the american version took out) available anywhere?

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simon the digger.jpg
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In the 1997 horror film Event Horizon, a transmission reaches Earth from a lost starship with an experimental jump drive.

The message is "Liberate me."

The twist, once the investigative/recovery team arrives at the ship, is that the message was not "Liberate me."

It was "Liberate tutemet ex inferis," or "Save yourselves from hell."

One of the themes of Gurren Lagann is "Libera me from hell," (or "Save/deliver me from hell") so named for its use of the lyrics from the responsary "Libera me." The song itself makes no direct reference to hell.

"Save yourselves from hell."
"Save me from hell."

Close to a decade for me to notice the reference.


Can anyone remember what scenes 'Libera me from hell' played over? I'm curious if there's more to be picked from this.
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How high are you right now?
A solid [7]
I'm pretty tired, I'll give you that, but at the moment I'm convinced that this checks out.

Do i miss anything significant if i watch Kai over regular Z?
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>muh Bruce Faulconer

Otherwise no.
Kai is censured rushed shit and the dialogue is shittier. Watch Z.
Two dumb filler niggers in a Universe tournament in heaven.

Sound familiar?

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Who is your girl of the season?
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>no Serval-chan
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Damn look at all that meme clothing

Wait a second

Meme clothing is called fashion

Why do japs never show a real bread to the audience?
They only know a toast cuz they are retarded.
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coz in japland you buy it in toastable slices in packs of 3-5.
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There was an entire anime about real bread.
fun fact: bread in japan are sweet

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