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ITT: shows that are better in the english dub
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Both the 2003 version and Brotherhood.
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What does /a think about holyland!
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I enjoyed it a lot. Especially liked the author's fighting explanations during the fight scenes
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>tfw trying hard to be the next Kamishiro
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Pretty nice.

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I know i'm late, but i just finished this and i absolutely loved it. What do you guys think about the ending?
also, they will meet again, r-right?
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It was magical. The threads were great.
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They already met in kiznaiver.
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A causal reminder that Panty is fucking Nova-kun everyday.

Fact: Fem-naruto is the cutest anime girl ever
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Would Hinata engage in "Forbidden Love" with her (him)
Hinata is naru-sexual, since he remains a disgusting pig of a failure Hinata can get off to that
Insert Jiraya nosebleed here.

Shin-chan's pretty popular, huh?
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ass dance ass dance
More popular than I though it'd be overseas.
Is Fourze popular?

Out of these 5 series which one is the best?

Dragon Ball
One Piece
Fairy Tail

vote here
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It will all depend on which one has the shittiest ending.
So far it's:
1st Dragon Ball Z / One Piece
2nd Naruto
3rd Fairy Tail
4th Bleach
One Piece, it hasn't devolved into shooting huge lasers at each other yet.
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>We never got to see the Dungeon room scene from the manga animated.
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This scene.
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Tatsumi: I would like to report a rape
I'm also disappointed. Was looking forward to it.

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Has any girl in any mecha series topped Rukino Saki?

I don't think so, let me tell you why:

>15y, younger than MC
>Has her own robot
>She isn't afraid of killing the enemy
>Taller than most females
>Big boobs by all standards
>She fucks the MC in a lot of crazy-ass positions
>Former Idol, can sing AND dance at the same time
>Appears when she is needed, not context required.
>Loyal until the end
>Hates cow-themed spaceships
>Voiced by based Haruka Tomatsu
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Kudelia aina Bernstein.


How can Saki even begin to compare?

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Which Yama would you Susume?
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Kokona, from behind while gripping her twintails.
Don't fuck Kokona
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The mature adult woman.

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While quite pretty and fluid most of the fights lack any real sense of 'weight' besides a few instances of Lancer jumping and leaving a crater and Berserker fucking up shit passively by merely running - beyond those, however, the majority of the Servant's didn't seem nearly as powerful as they actually are and the choreography gave no sense of them possessing any notable degree of skill or experience, merely super speed and the ability to pull of some rather unbelievable contortioning.

Was UBW a good adaption?
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>most of the fights lack any real sense of 'weight'

This is why Zero was so much better, in a nutshell.
I prefer the action animation in UBW over F/Z's any day. The servants in UBW actually had movements that looked superhuman given the very snappy and explosive movements. The action animation in F/Z was slower-paced and more grounded but they didn't have the finesse to make it look like a skillful fight. The few melee fights mostly consisted of unimaginative parrying and dodging. In UBW on the other hand, the top animators played more to their strengths of making scenes with fast-paced motion and elaborate effects animation.

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I love Kyoukai! Kyoukai is perfection!
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Kyoukai is pretty great.
Riboku's assistant is cuter.

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Meanwhile on JP Twitter.
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JP Twitter is truly a wonderful place
Why is this show blowing up all of a sudden? The first episode was trash.
weebs eat this shit up

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Top ten best girls in [email protected]
Let's just keep it in 756 pro
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Chihaya is the best, the rest should be in a random order.
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Makochi for Tekken.jpg
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What's your favorite episode of
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Episode 20 and 24 of season 2. Not even a contest.
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School trip
The one you posted

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