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What a wild ride it was.
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Along with Eden it was babbys first seinen for me, and to be honest, much like with Eden, I couldn't really give a fuck about the plot by the time it ended, and was mainly following it out of habit. Still, I should probably give it another go, I might enjoy it more now that I don't have to wait for new chapters.
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how come there's still no good scan of those two serise?

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New chapter is out my 5 friends.
too lazy to dump
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Another power up for tanjirou, huh
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Only 10 more days till the Sucy episode.
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Is Jasminka "special?"
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>implying we should be excited about second-worst girl getting an episode wasted on her

Sasuke is crying. Say something nice about him!
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Even though he lost to Naruto, he's a better technical fighter than Naruto.
He has a hot wife who would do anything for him.
Serves you right you emo fuck

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Don't bully Deku please.
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Why did the previous thread get deleted?
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V-JUMP soon
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First for Yusaku's suit and hoverboard being ugly
Wasn't this already the spoilers?
Also when is the trailer coming out? Arc-V's trailer came around January 2014, it's now mid February.
How soon we talking? Like, tonight? If it's tonight, I guess I'm pulling an all-nighter.

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Lambda here. Bern a shit.
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Bern here. Lamda a shit.
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Waluigi here. Both a shit

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Is it a dead series?
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Anime is probably dead, it's been eleven years since it aired. Mango is still going.
I hope so. It sucked.

>Mango is still going.
Wow, I'm shocked. END YOUR STORIES
Took you how many years to realize that?

Generally speaking a series with a hiatus longer than 6 months can be considered well and truly dead. It's almost unheard of for a series to come back from the grave after being gone for half an year.

In fact. Heck. I don't think any popular series going on hiatus for that long has ever come back.

>Mango is still going.
It's not.

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Chapter soon.
Guess their identity for now
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Brook must have been pretty comfy, what with it being the first time since his revival that he got to sleep with a woman.
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Just a quick reminder Nami uses -kun with Sanji in affectionate way.
She dropped it when he broke her heart, but she still uses it when he is not around.
They will make up and everything will go back to normal

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I'll start
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Wanna rub my nose in those arm crevices.
Too bad you can't fuck a fairy

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We all knew someone would eventually do this
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how true is the rumor that this doujin got the artist's house burned down?
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Ho boy, I love this one.

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subs are out!
VNfags are not allowed
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VNfags are the ones who care the most about the show.

Still, Serika is best.
>Chyuu said they will be "subbing" this
>Still hasn't released any episode
>Their site seems to be dead as well

A trap is fine too

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Post theories that'll never happen but you want to believe
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He's faking it because he really want to fuck that dog.
Victor and Yuri are homosexuals.
JJ will retire

>Lucky Beast can turn into friend type
>Tachikoma can turn to friend, as did Keroro

So can we assume that only human don't change in any way?
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Beaver is the best kemono.
You should accept reality.
I feel bad for her. That fear of failure is very real.

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Gabriel offering her services.
How much would as super lewd as holding hands cost?
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