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Some episodes are one long day (Matariel, Leliel) but Israfel is a week. So, averaging 3 days per episode (pulled out of my ass) and rounding to 30 episodes we get 90 days.
But what about the time between episodes? I remember an episode where Ritsuko is surprised that two Angels appear in quick succession, and the Eva have to be repaired somehow.
So, um, what's the timeframe for Eva?
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Felt rather contiguous.
90 days seems like a fine estimate if you give of take a few days for each time skip.
Asuka arrives sometime in September
Kaworu arrives on Christmas eve, doesn't attack until 2 days later
EoE takes place on New Years

So it's about 4 months at most
Huh. I expected something like a year or somesuch. Tech div one is pretty boss to always repair the Evas so fast.

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What was his name again?
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Saudi monkey

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This is your deito for tonight. Make her happy, anon.
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Tohka in an innocent girl, not a retard.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas

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Why are you not on her side, /a?
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Because I prefer her frontal view.
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I am.
I wanna undo her hairbuns

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Why was Shana's music so good?
I liked the HnG and ZnT ones, maybe I just have a fetish for JC Staff.
>2 IPs
>obvious samefag
Why don't you just turn your trip back on, idiot?

Nobody is going to watch your shitty favorites playlist..

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please post theass gif/webm
X-encounter > Break a spell = Kimi ga Emu Yuugure > powergap > excrement > powergap > Outgrow

Suzuka > Natsume > Kyouko > Hokuto > Kon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Takiko
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What are some of your favorite anime in terms of just animation? My top would be:
Dennou Coil
Giant Robo
Mob Psycho 100
Princess Mononoke
Wanwa the Puppy
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Sword of the Stranger, I just love fluid fighting animations.
Posting in thinly veiled rec thread
>Posting in thinly veiled rec thread
I've seen far too many anime to need recommendations.

I like Sword of the Stranger myself. Though I still like Mob Psycho 100 the most out of Bones productions since it utilizes their standard kinetic action but mixes in a lot of experimental stuff.
Daicon IV

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>people unironically wait and watch anime dubbed

Really makes my head spin.
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Isn't spinning your head unhealthy?
Yeah, just like dubbed anime
"b-b-b-but some dubs are good!!! Trust me"
Americans are disgusting

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Not this shit again.

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Miria is the only sexy JS.
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Wrong Miria, dumbass.
There's no sexy in KMB
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Tsukihime has the most plot points without descriptions or explanations, like the 6th System that Zepia wants to reach, the Aylesbury ritual, the will of the planet and whole lot of shenanigans that he simply hasn't addressed since 2001, barely mentioning them in character entries, random comments inside the game's files and/or random rants on their blog, with no further explanation about them.

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There's shit in the art books. One of them has a short story about doa's preparing for the ritual. Gaia and Alaya are discussed briefly in the fate/stay night vn. That's all just macguffin shit anyway, can't really explain it better than "magic".

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The worst edgy manga I've ever read.

Thanks a lot, /a/
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Just treat it as a comedy.
Akame ga Kill was worse.
>And now we'll show these girls being raped by hounds simply because we can
Picked up.

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DFC is the taste of a patrician.
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And a patrician is?
Wait, isn't there a song about that? The pear tree one?
Thanks, Sergent-Major Point-out-things-that-everyone-already-knows.
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Still they try

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if this turns into NTR i swear to god i will erase all of you for exposing me to this.
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Worst manga I've ever read in years.
You don't read a lot of manga, do you? You don't know just how lucky you are.
But he is right, not only is the art awkward but the wimpy MC is unbearable. Also the main girl doesn't have any fucking reason why she does things the way she does and comes off as a retard because of this.

>You don't read a lot of manga, do you? You don't know just how lucky you are.
Don't count shoujo and there aren't as many as bad as this one.

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Someone stole Hina's nipples!
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No, not the nipples!
that's the best part!
I'm outta' here!
And I'm takin' ALL the nipples with me!
>Rui went to USA
>Hina came back home

Oh boy

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