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>working is over
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It's not over until Kyoko says it's over.
>it hasn't even been a year since Lord of the Takanashi
It feels like forever ago.
So it's RETIREMENT!! now?

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Why is this ok ?
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Zero was good
I don't know. Never watched it.
But I'm dying to read your blog post about it.
Speaking of blogging, it is the convention here that new users are expected to lurk the board for two years before posting.

Which non would you non?
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Those are some cute Komari feet.
That's a very loose skirt.

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So, is it illegal for Yamada and Souma to have sex?
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Yes, but they should do it anyway.
Why haven't you spoiled Yamada?
Yes, and that's good for Yamada.

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Is this the comfiest show ever made?
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>Git cucked by a pack of wolfes
>git cucked by merchant
>git cucked
more like assert dominance through economics

Waste of oxygen and an opinion.

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When did they start calling it "Kamui" instead of just "Mangekyo Sharingan"
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Kamui is the ability specific to those pair of eyes.
At one point when Kakashi used it he just called it "Mangekyo Sharingan"
He didn't know it had a name at the time right, or am I remembering wrong?

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Reina Dead Eyes.jpg
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ITT: Series where the worst girl wins
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every show were the childhood friend genki tomboy loses
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But no one won in Hibike. They didn't even get silver.

Goddamnit, the look she had on her face most of this chapter was heartbreaking. I hope this isn't going to develop into out and out tragedy. Can there be a happy ending, or at least something that isn't totally sad, what does anon think?

And the second OVA should be out around the middle of March.
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>Can there be a happy ending, or at least something that isn't totally sad
Her very existence is doomed to die young. If you think this won't be a bittersweet ending at best, I think you're deluding yourself.
Yeah, but for quite a while the tone was more hopeful. I think it lulled me into a false sense of security that they might work it out. This chapter was a bit of a jump into the deep end.

At the moment I could see something like Chise helping Elias to get to a point where he understands himself, his thoughts and feelings fairly well and in turn he helps her move on from her self loathing childhood and depression, finally being able to just see that as an old memory, but she still dies fairly soon after. Which would be very heavily tipped towards the bitter end of bittersweet, if you ask me. And I think sad and bittersweet ends are about as cliche as happy ends are these days, what matters is how well the writing drives the story to that point.
this series is refreshing and i hope it doesn't get too sad ;(

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Pick 3

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Madoka yes.png
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Post your waifu in this thread, she is now a swinger.
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Is this a waifu thread, or a fap thread?

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you can't be a good parent if you are dead
But that just means that you can never be thought about in a negative light
>Implying the only good anime parent is a dead one

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/a/, quick. Remind me, what was that one route in Clannad where Okazaki keeps locking Sunohara in the bathroom?
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Rem is cute!
I don't even know what this show is, but aren't they literally just the same girl but one has red hair and one has blue hair?

Who gives a fuck about anime, I'm talkin' about the Clannad game here
that's enough. too far

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Well /a/, is this chart accurate or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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Who cares
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Kill yourself
saged and hidden
fuck off with this cancer

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MAWARE S2 when?
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It sold alright if I remember right. 5k first volume?
It's been so long that it's probably safe to say never.
I remember an anon telling me how fucking dark this series gets when it neared the end. Like it killed off 90% of its cast to set up for the final fight.
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They knew they would never top the meme potential of the first song

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What is the ideal imouto?
Clingy and outgoing?
Or tsundere imouto?
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Imoutos come in many shapes and sizes, love them for being the imouto they are.
I dont know cause I'm the only child
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For starters, all imoutos must have small, perky breasts.
DFC is fine too.

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