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erina cute.png
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Is Erina's healing finally complete?
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I can't take the cuteness of this quartet.
I think so, but the implications of this chapter are that Azami will actually be redeemed since it hints towards Erina having a normal relationship with him.
The chapter was a big vanilla orgy. And I liked it.

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Post pretentious anime titles
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FLCL is the king
Your Favorite One

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Are mangaka who adapt LN and similar by and large the failures of the industry?
I notice many times their paneling and other skills seem sub-par. How much input does original author have?
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>by and large the failures of the industry?
They have a regular income, so no.
Who would be worse?
Unemployed people aren't part of industry.
Most of them have no original manga credits or one that last a couple chapters.
There are plenty of mangaka who fail to get their projects published. Many of them come up with new ideas again and again and fail again and again, or re-work their existing ideas again and again to get the approval of the editor. While they don't have a spot in a magazine, many of them help out as assistants to other mangaka.
Being serialized means being part of the successful ones.

All forms of art only allow a tiny fraction of the artists to make an actual living off of their work. Writing manga is no exception. The fact that they are working on somebody else's idea doesn't make them failures.
Is an actor a failure for listening to the director?

>Journey to the West got an anime adaptation but pic related did

I think it is time Don Quixote had one, especially with the amount of Chuuni themed anime coming out in the past decade, which studio would be best and why would it be Brain's Base or A-1 Pictures?
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>Dude windmills xD
just read the book
Don't use emoticons on /a/.
They will butcher it like they did with Journey to the West.

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Come join us in Shimoneta-thread, anon~
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Why does Binkan-chan look so short?
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What a great woman. I want to follow her.
Does anyone have that shot in the OP of her panties getting stolen?

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i mean desu, this is how it feels to watch the show
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No, it doesn't.

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Where were you when puppets saved anime?
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In the front lines.

Urobuchi did it again!

Tan Hi a cute!
I can't believe it's getting a second season, and I can't believe how much I want it RIGHT NOW.
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I was here, enjoying the ride

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New chapter and it ends here. Okay then, bye.
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Did this shit bomb this hard in japan?
Why the fuck does good shit keep getting axed?
It was already at the dead end of the WSJ rankings after a few chapters.

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Why are there so many ecchi anime but no proper H anime with actual, longer storylines?

Where do I look if I want a story with sex in it rather than sex with a story slapped onto the side besides VNs?
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It probably doesn't sell. Would you buy such anime?
The watermark in the webm should show you how filthy I am when it comes to such things anon.
Thats what VN's exist for

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What is /a/'s opinion on this one? to be honest, I found the premise and plot very intriguing, Asuna best girl!!
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SAO is one of my favorite shows, but it's largely due to my following of the light novels. There are definitely some holes in the anime as far as consistency goes (especially with Aincrad and Fairy dance) but I don't let those minor nitpicks ruin my enjoyment of it. The novels are fantastic, and most of the time the anime is a decent adaptation of them. Ordinal Scale Hype!

Also Sinon is besto ;)
everyone thought the premise was intriguing, its the only reason anyone watched the show. But the delivery was poor and the plot was extremely shallow lacking any real dimension.

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Is this the cutest anime character of all time?
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Not cuter than her prototype.
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>and he rides a surf board while dueling

have we gone too far?
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The real question is, does he plant the surfboard on the street, or does he actually force his opponents to relocate their duels to the open sea?

>draw a girl
>call it a guy

I honestly cannot understand the appeal
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you're just a faggot
But you posted a girl.
idk if it's kids who were born in the 00s or people awakening new ways of faggotry.
At first it was a feminine teenager who behaved like a girl but had moments where he became a man, now it's literally a girl wearing the identity of a guy

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you can never defeat saitama.jpg
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Sasuke BTFO
Lelouch BTFO
Every faggot who does evil for a 'good' cause BTFO

Why is Saitama so based, /a/?
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But what if Saitama is defending a corrupt and broken system?
Does that not make him evil?
Saitama just slapped his ass because he was making too damn much noise, the bitch
>posting non canon shitty drawn fanfic comic

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Hyouge Mono is absurdly good
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Because it's /a/ if it was in feudal Japan and we liked tea sets instead of anime
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so good that the mangaka hated it so much, he even openly distanced himself from it.

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