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Whenever I watch something like Mushishi or Kino no Tabi I want to spend more time /out/.

Then I do and it's just sweaty and full of bugs and I remember why I hated the Boy Scouts.
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>Sweat and bugs is all it takes to make you give up
Mushi are literally bugs.
Your loss, anime and the natural outdoors are the best things on this earth.

>Onihei - 07 (Amazon).mkv
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Poor guy, what a shit life he had. Stupid subordinates of Onihei.
I guess we back to the depressing stories huh?
>abuse intensifies

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*cackle cackle*
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Erika did NOTHING wrong
She bullied best Getrude and Cornelia so hard they stopped having lines of dialogue

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If Kuzu no Honkai had aired a decade ago, you wouldn't be on this board.
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Dumb faggot, I was already here a decade ago. And I wouldn't have watched it back then either.

What do Aqua's cheeks feel like?
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Like salty coins and milk
bags of sand
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Puffy and soft

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Did Kerry do anything wrong?
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Absolutely 100% nothing wrong.
He does 'bad' things for the 'greater good'. But that's beside the point. Whether he does anything right or wrong, he's miserable.
He always chose the lesser evil at the expense of his own suffering. Absolutely nothing wrong.

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Does he ever grow as a character or is he still the same?
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In terms of pure dedication to their craft, who is the greatest martial artist?
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Why are you streaming though?
Don't you care about how blurry your shit is?
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If you're a true anime fan this would never be an issue for you

>tfw watched dbz in .rm format
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The guy who would do literally anything to get away from his family to fight or train, including destroy universes.

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Does anyone else feel that the Hellsing OVA's are incredibly frustrating? You got great animation, some great characters, incredible voice acting, some great score music, and interesting plots/subplots, but it's all offset by some really random and terrible elements.

The comedy is jarring and terrible. A lot of the "funny" scenes are in the form of dream sequences that are long, don't mean anything, and go anywhere. The rare bits of humor that are funny get dragged out longer than a sex scene from 'The Room.' Not to mention a lot of the comedy tends to rely on slapstick, exaggeration, and absurdity that makes it feel like an extremely gory kids show.

The music is also frustrating because the first few episodes feature good score music that works really well with what's on screen. The 4th episode is really a stand out too with music that builds up perfectly to the end of the episode, as well as a sequence where 'Der Freisch├╝tz' is beautifully laid atop an analogous sub plot that loosely mimics the actual events portrayed in 'Der Freisch├╝tz.' Then in the middle episodes we get obnoxious J-pop for absolutely no reason. Then after episode 7 it never comes back! Why did they randomly go with J-pop for just like 3 episodes? Did the producers know they fucked up and decided to go back to score music?

Then there's 'Flying Geese.' So many war movie cliches and character tropes (ex. cool guys don't look at explosions). Not to mention that with the exception of Pip, the voice acting of the 'Flying Geese' is almost cringe-worthy and really stands out against the otherwise top notch voice acting of the main characters.

I'm also not sold on some relationships between characters. Seras and Pip's relationship is never fleshed out enough to feel like there was any real connection beyond just friendship. The friendship of Heinkel and Yumie are never really fleshed out either despite their importance to the plot in the later episodes.

I dunno. What do you guys think??
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I liked Rip.
>muh first time with a Kohta Hirano work: the tldr post
Don't know why you would expect much from an OVA. Theyre rarely even worth the time.

The MC of the last anime you watched will fight against DIO.
What happen?
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Guts will probably die.
Griffith would definitely win.
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Punch him.

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Do you think ursula sensei /chariot would go out in a blazing flame of glory?
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First first Sucy is best grill.
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What do you guys think about this manga? It's my first time reading something by Asano and it's pretty great imo.
They'll survive the crash. r-right?
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I love his style and that he changes it around a bit with each story.

Asano's narratives leave a lot to be desired.
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I wonder what the invaders on Earth are planning.
This is Asano's Magnum Opus.

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Elves are for ______
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eternal breeding
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what elves are good for.gif
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What the hell her body is
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dayumn lalatina is fuckin RIPPED
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I wish there were more /fit/ girls in animu

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Third thread today already?
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>Male gentoo and Adelie penguins "propose" to females by giving them a pebble.

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