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The Adventures of Larry, Moe and Curly will not continue for today
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My guess, Jun says something about how it's the guy's job to carry shit for the girl.
How gentlemanly

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Holy shit, I never thought I'd see those words put together


Now, when's that Rave remake?
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>wanting a remake of that garbage
>no ankhseram arc
wtf I hate FT now

No thanks, I just want my guilty pleasure nakama fanservice shit with no deaths.

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Shidou! Pick one!
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Official correct DAL ranking
Tohka > Origami > Kaguya > Yuzuru > Mana > White Kotori > Nia > Yoshino = Natsume > Miku > Black Kotori > dogshit >>>>>>>>>> clock
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dal dark tohka.jpg
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>2 months into 2017
>Part 4 "Great Festival" Event has already happened
>Still no Part 5 confirm
>Start thinking that Part 5 may never be confirm
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I need the mudas :(
bro it took longer than this for part 4 conformation afer part 3. chill
>Jorge Joestar killed the threads

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Stop trying to sex Megumin!
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No. I'm going to explode in you and there's nothing you can do about it.
Why not? She's an adult.

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>latest web novel chapter
Holy shit, they finally reached the Shun Timeline.
200 chapters, and now we finally get to see what happens.

Meanwhile, apparently nothing is quite going according to plan for Shiro.
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So author just randomly throws out "Looks like I'm pretty good at eating energy," so I'm guessing they only now thought of a reason for how Kumoko could each all of that MA energy from the robots.
This is probably the case, considering the Light Novel version has put off having Kumoko "ascend" yet, possibly so she can discover this ability of hers BEFORE she just goes and consumes a god's worth of MA energy.

In hindsight, Kumoko's ascension was pretty much out of nowhere, and there wasn't an explained reason for why she could eat MA energy, but Potimas couldn't.
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The latest manga chapter was pretty good too, it also made me realize the monkey fight is highly overrated.
Hope the novel has more fights, I want kumo vs wrath, he should be strong enough to challenge non god kumo.
>kumo vs wrath,
Ah, that'd be pretty great, actually!
But by the time he's strong enough to challenge her current self, would she have already ascended? Or at the very least Sophie would also be just as strong...

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Maid dragon

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This is a puppy
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This is a cat. She is far superior.
Flip Floppers.
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This is a Cockona. She wants to put her penis in the puppy.

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New WN chapter soon
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.
Rem is the worst character in literally any TV show or anime ever created. I would rather marry Peggy Hill from King of the Hill than be within 20 feet of Rem.

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Draw or request animu related things here. Old >>153650118
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That sure took a while.
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rerequesting from old thread

Requesting Amanda, Kyouko, and Maki all in tomato pajamas laying around like in the image at the right, except Aria Pokoteng (the dog in the image) is replaced by a tomato plushie.
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Requesting your own interpretation of Mai Natsume when it was a guy, without the ponytail and hair less longer than its in pic related. Try to make him less girly, and a bit manly (like a MC, but a less bit comical).

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Is Chinatsu guilty of sexual assault?
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Are there really groups out there that sub romanized moon on top and english on the bottom?
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Is OP a faggot?
Women can't commit sexual assault

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Who GA here?

The Geijutsuka franchise may be officially over, but there is just one last thing that is yet to be brought to the West and that's the spinoff-ish visual novel for the PSP - cash-in like the other PSP/Vita spin-offs, but a pretty damn adorable one. And believe it or not, it's actually translated now.

However I need your help to actually release it - the translation is rough as there have been no editing and there were three more translators besides me along the way (thank you guys if you still visit /a/), so it badly needs some QC. I don't hope anyone will volunteer to edit it at this point, but some basic QC is crucial.

Here's the release candidate ISO (it's fully playable besides the TL being rough):

Here's the QC google doc, but you can also just post stuff in the thread until it dies:
goo dot gl/u4z4OO

You can also find me in #ga at Rizon.

And Noda-chan is the cutest.
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Not that I expect anyone to care about this 7 years after the anime ends, but worth a shot.

Also I wonder if we'll ever get Kuro anime.
I completely forgot about this series. I'll check when I get home.
Were her breasts that small?

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>mfw 10 million views

How can Tomoko even compete?
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Umaru a best. Tomoko a shit.
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I wonder just how big of a faglord you have to be to care about how popular some video is compared to another one on jewtube when you don't even own either one of them. What is even the point of this thread?

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Why does anime look like shit now?
>mfw watching modern shit anime
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It's another one of those.
cutting costs mainly.
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>doesnt appreciate the power of the cell

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How do you feel about this cat, /a/?
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>[Kaede intensifies]

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