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Am I the only one who loves the anime Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
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Yes, it's not terrible, but it's among the worst KyoAni has done.
Yes, you little unique snowflake.
You really are an idiot of you think that.

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A-Arigato gozaimasu~

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What's the point creating the harem of lustful sluts who will jump on any dick?
Can i have a fun oldschool harem manga for once, without fucking ntr?
I need some rest from cucking sluts.
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Why would the girls fall for the MC if they had standards?
Why would you create manga about 3d sluts?
Why not just skip harem animes entirely, they're inherently bad. It's lazy writing. The author can't decide his main male audience, so he says fuck it and creates a harem to appeal to all types of men.

What is the most moe anime and why is it New Game! ?
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New Game is not even the most moe anime about cute girls working on nerd-related things.
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more like shiroBORING ahaha

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Consider this an addendum to the very good thread we just had on the different types of possible Third Impacts.

I feel like there are still too many things about Episode 24 of NGE that we don't have any consensus on. What do we make of the lake scene where Kaworu talks to SEELE? Apologies but I could only find the transcription for the English dub.

KAWORU: Humans cannot create anything out of nothingness. Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding onto something. After all, humans aren’t gods.

SEELE: But there is one man who is trying to obtain power equal to that of God.

SEELE: There is a man, who is not one of us, attempting to open Pandora’s Box once again.

SEELE: There is a man trying to close the Box before Hope at the bottom appears.

KAWORU: (scoffs) Hope? You’re saying that is Lilin’s hope?

SEELE: Hope exists in as many forms as there are people.

SEELE: And that is because hope only exists in the hearts of people.

SEELE: However, our hope is becoming substantiated.

SEELE: That is Lilith, the progenitor of mankind who are the fake successors from the black moon.

SEELE: And Adam, the progenitor of the Angels who are the true successors from the lost white moon.

SEELE: His salvaged soul exists only within you.

SEELE: However, his resurrected body already exists within Ikari.

KAWORU: Shinji’s father… So he is also the same as me.

SEELE: That is why we entrust you with our wish.
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So from this scene, at least in the dub, are we supposed to believe that
>Kaworu was *told explicitly* that Adam's body was fused with Gendo
>he knows Lilith is in Terminal Dogma but goes there anyway and then acts surprised

Going on from that-
>What is SEELE's 'wish' as mentioned at the end of the transcript? this scene makes it sound as if his task at NERV involves some kind of interaction with Gendo
>What was SEELE's aim in sending Kaworu to NERV?
>What was Kaworu's own perceived purpose for going to NERV?

it's a pretty important point in the story narratively, obviously this is just taken from the dub but unfortunately the only digital rip of Evangelion I have atm uses the English dub's subtitles instead of a translation of the Japanese, if anyone can suggest a better subtitle source let me know.
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Pacific rim is cooler
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>he knows Lilith is in Terminal Dogma
No, he doesn't know Lilith is in Terminal Dogma.
He enters the HQ and senses a large presence, of which he must assume is Adam and so he goes towards it.

Since SEELE told him that Adam is within Gendo, Kaworu may have surmised that it's Gendo down there, as that would be the explanation for him feeling such a presence. It's not like he knew Gendo was in the control room.

>What is SEELE's 'wish' as mentioned at the end of the transcript?
SEELE was lying to Kaworu in that scene, making it seem like they wanted to the angels to rightfully reclaim Earth. Their wish being for Kaworu to return to Adam and revive the angels again.

However their true wish is for all angels to be killed so they can start Instrumentality.

>What was SEELE's aim in sending Kaworu to NERV?
They can't start Instrumentality unless all the angels are dead, they sent him there to die and also to spite Gendo for his disobedience.

>What was Kaworu's own perceived purpose
He simply desired to return to his body. He expressed concern/sadness that humans would have to die for that to happen, but he knew it was his destiny.
SEELE told him they desired that as well, but it is implied he may have known they were lying? Not really clear.

He also wanted to learn more about the lilin, and he achieved that greatly through meeting Shinji.

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>watching an anime adaptation with worse art and more filler but nice voices and music that gets you excited
>reading the manga and breezing through it now that you don't need to wait 24 minutes per episode but there won't be any sound and you won't get as much of an emotional reaction from it
Which is the best way to experience a series?
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>you won't get as much of an emotional reaction from it
Are you gay?
I think I'd do both. If I enjoyed the anime, I'd read the manga afterwards and vice versa.
read the manga while listening to music of your choice, anime sucks

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I wanna protect this smile.
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Too late
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How can one girl be so cute?
I almost felt bad for her.

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Is Sword Art Online good?
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A masterpiece, the best pleb filter I've seen.

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>Q: Are there any parts of 'Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4: "Loss"' that you especially feel is a must-watch or highly recommended part? (It doesn't matter even if it's a scene you did not take part in)

Yoshimasa Hosoya (Yamato)
>A: I think the entire movie is worth watching, but... if I had to pick a scene, it'd be where Taichi and Yamato attempt to make Sora open up and go back to her normal self. It gives the feeling of 'girls are always growing, such that they leave the boys in the dust...'. It's hard to describe, but I liked the scene.

Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon)
>A: Taichi asking 'why do you hesitate so much when calling out to Yamato!' [No further context or explanation is given]

Mutsumi Tamura (Koushiro)
>A: I'd say the exchange between Taichi, Yamato, and Sora! I liked the feeling where the boys and girls don't know how to deal with each other, but still try their hardest to come to an understanding! It could've been because it was fairly heartwarming scene as well.

Miho Arakawa (Meiko)
>A: Probably the scene between Taichi, Yamato, and Sora. Taichi cares for Sora but goes about it rather clumsily, and even through his exchange with Sora and Yamato, these three being together creates this great atmosphere for what I thought was a great scene.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Character who need to fuck

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I don't think washboards have any sexual appeal OP. I'm with Kazuma on this one.

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What would you let this man do to your body?
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>no degree in cybernetics
>no degree in alteration magic
>not even a degree in fucking exercise science
I wouldn't let him get within a meter of my body.
How serious was he in this scene? Does he hair pull the I was only kidding excuse because of Kyons reaction? Also what's the subtext with the collapsed man in the street?
Something sexual

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loli major.jpg
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Loli Major is cute, you should pet her.
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That's not Major, Major is dead. Major also doesn't appear in Innocence at all.
But she evolved into it.
That's not what happened at all.

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Is this just a code word for substanceless trash?
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Fun means fun you fucking autist.
You sound like a pretty fun guy.
Isn't that the same image from the original "fun is just a buzzword" post?

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What is this that I'm feeling and why does it scare me?
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Why are you streaming?
Fuck I thought I cropped this better
Anyway my ISP has started sending me threats about torrenting and I haven't gotten around to looking into a VPN yet.
Do they actually do something? Some stuff in the USA is fucking retarded.

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name a more perfect ending
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My semen in your mom's womb

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