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I'm finally drinking the monogatari kool-aid
I won't blog, but I'm liking it a lot

My only issue, and I'm sure this is common: How much of the writing/humor/cleverness totally lost because I can't read/speak moon?

Is the significance overblown? Or does it add another dimension to the writing? Are the LNs translated decently at all?
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All you need to worry about is that Snake is best girl, thanks for posting her.
It definitely adds something, but I don't believe it's critical for enjoying the show.

I haven't looked at the LNs so I can't say
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Anytime anon.
It only really seems to be an issue with Senjougahara anyways
What should I watch after the original 13 episodes?

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Greatest love story ever told.
Got a little dissapointed with the movie adaptation tho
I've only watched the movie and it was...quite something. How does it compare to the mango?
It's great. Hideo Yamamoto in general is a god tier artist and writer.

The series from the 1917-1941 seasons are out.
Watch them now.

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Very cool...thanks
>one reply
I guess /a/nons only give a shit about cute girls and pandering to them.
neat, thanks anon.
I'll check some out when im caught up on my weekly dose of cute girls

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Hey senpaitachi
Can you guy hook me up with some good romance anime ( nothing with yaoi or yuri)
I've seem some other like taradora, Orange, etc mostly like everyone seen so far today x(
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Fuck off.

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Well, it's officially hentai now.
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>Faceless old men are getting their faceless daughterus stolen by lesbians
And pretty hardcore, at that. Shoulda spoiler-tagged that pic, OP. This is a Christian blue board, after all.

I can do no wrong, for I do not know what it is.

Fools, what fascinations there are on this planet? Strange mortals with... curious customs.

We'll have a storm now, and an earthquake if you'd like.

You must stand aside, out of danger.
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Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha was three years ago
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Wasted character.
This was literally the worst anime I've ever watched. And I've watched over 300 TV series.
With ever passing year, a little more blessed distance falls between me and this abomination.

Lets go kick some ass guys
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Not even as bad as the autists say it is. After the time skip they're right though
I'm too attached to this damn anime

naruto rehab now please
Why was Iruka so popular? He was always in the top 10.

what do?
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I want Yuki to sit on my lap.

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This was really really sweet. I really hope Ghibli begins production again soon.
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/u/ poster here

More like super blue balls
They actually made one or two films after this but it was all absolute disaster in terms of sales
Ghibli's dead, and the director has a new film being done by another studio.

Why were they clapping in this scene? Why is she making this pose?
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the think they slick, etc
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AA Dab.jpg
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I think we know why...
Heil Hitler

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Who is best boy and why is it Kashima?
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haha look at that boy-girl

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Help me /a/. Please tell me what I should think the OP of the season is?
As far as EDs go why isn't your's Tanya's
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I like Kuzu's OP, you should too.
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3-gatsu for best OP
LWA for best ED

Konosuba ED most comfy
Meidodoragon ED most catchy
Tanya OP most unbearable

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When does this get good?
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If you don't like it after 3 episodes, just stop watching and go back to Kyoani.
episode 1
When you stop being a faggot.

Well its finally over

So the witches didn't actually exist right
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I find it more improbable that every student of that school suffered mass-hypnosis or some other delusion, and that such things happened in the past and may happen in the future. But who fucking knows.
The main themes of the story (love, friendship, acceptance, etc) are irrelevant to the magic, so whether it's real or not doesn't really effect the narrative.
How many groups of 7 witches were cycles through? 5?
Who knows, I stopped caring after the first and actually good arc.

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