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I ink it's about time for an Ika Musume thread. I'm squidding serious.
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oh i like this show alot it was fun is it popular on /a/

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Five days and 14 hours until the next episode!
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I gave up. I watched everything, now I'm sadly "in" and I can't get out.
Why did you do this to me, /a/? Why?
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Kemono Sentai Pantheranger!

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Koko for cutting her hair shot.
I want to have sex with koko

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3 days. What are your hopes and dreams?
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To get my computer fixed cause I can only watch shit on 360p in this toaster.
The total destruction of Sorato. I don't get the appealing of that pairing.
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How do the Azusa haters feel about this?
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Not a problem. The club always has room for one more.
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Azusa is a legitimate cunt. I've always felt that "cunt" is too strong of an insult for most people, but it's perfect for Azusa.

She's in fucking HS and thinks everything is so fucking serious. I bet she drops out of uni after 1 semester, those kind of people burn out so fucking quick. I bet she won't even drink until she's in her 40s because she's scared of having fun.
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She isnĀ“t a little angel

You're walking down the street and suddenly you wake up as Shiki. What do you do next?
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Eat haagen daz
Kill servants
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Go back to bed

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I plan to make some kind of a Yuma thread until you grow to like it.
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I still haven't got this figure. It's been on my list since it came out in what...2009?
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Oh good, the isp block is gone.

Oh uh, yeah, that was one of my first figure way back when. Have you seen the nude version? That and Pachira.

Liru is the best character though.

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What genres are best for characters of the loli archetype?
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Slice of Life definitely. You can see how she's getting development and becoming an adult, that shit is amazing in anime.
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cute anime pic 1560.jpg
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>she sees your dick
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she sees your dick.webm
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Does anyone have any hope that this movie will be around 2008 Speed Racer levels of passable?
Or you think it'll be Dragonball Evolution levels of bad.
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I expect it to passable as a hollywood blockbuster honestly. I dont think anyone is expecting a classic, but i think it could be casually enjoyable
Have you seen the trailer? It's basically Robocop with a female MC. Section 9 are bad guys now, they removed all the cozy instrumental scenes... It's going to suck. Correct: It might be good, but it's not going to be GiTS. Maybe if you forget everything you know about GiTS then you can enjoy it.
it won't be edge of tomorrow tier, right?

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Left or right?
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is the one on the left a boy?
Yuu is super cute and not a bitch in the making
the asexual one

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Where were you when Saito laid waste to Louise's secret garden?
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i really want to live
Good riddance. LN Harem Authors should all die.
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I was there when it happened. Feels good.

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If you got Tamako pregnant, would you live and work in her mochi shop and help raise your bastard child?
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Fuck yes
>asian trash
no. Only pure white women.
But it might be hard work. Plus you'd be living with her father.

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>yellow Kamehameha
what is this? Budokai 1?
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Yeah I was wondering what's up with that, I thought Buu's Kamehameha was pink?
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Reminder that Goku's name is "Gokou"
Beerus is "Beers"
Buu is "Boo"
Mr. Satan real name is "Mark"
17 and 18 names are "Lapis" and "Lazuli"
and nobody knows Turtle Hermit's name, same about his sister

Hayate no Gotoku 561 scan- Saltiest possible edition (aka, prepare your anus)
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