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vivid strike 5.75.png
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From >>>/u/2272662
>Vivid Strike ep 05.75 ova raw:
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strict mom.png
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ryona light.png
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Doesn't look like there will be much of interestign stuff until translation, all of it is conversations.

And Victoria gets to headpat Rinne.

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So, would you guys become a Mahou Shojo if you could? And you actually have to be a girl, like Boipucelle here.

I think it would be cool. Ramiel-chan, with a proton beam.
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Yes, with no doubt.
I would fuck the mahou shoujos.
>become an actual girl rather than a tranny
You fucking bet.

ITT characters that had god-tier English dubs
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i241578 (2).jpg
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Write Sisters thread. i am looking for someone that can translate chapter 7 and 8 of Write Sisters.
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No one.

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Melvina the living dead.png
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Remember that Melvina is super cute! Say something nice about her.

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>letting the Twizzlers get Melvina


Also, anyone unlocked any more Lise/2nd Beato CGs?
File: Yuuya stand.png (711KB, 662x1113px)Image search: [Google]
Yuuya stand.png
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Be nice, not all of us can be heroes who win.
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Be my lover.jpg
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Reposting from the last thread, but Theo actually put it in Beatrix in SF, and Beatrix actually asks him to stay and her her lover after she climaxes (which he agrees to). She also forces him to call her Bea midway though sex instead of "Beatrix Brehme" like he usually does.

Not a bad deal for a "nightmare?"

The CGs were also wrong, since Beatrix is sitting on Theo's lap and hugging him in an upright straddle/leglock, not a cowgirl position:


赤く腫れあがっていただけの肉棒が, 再び熱を得て歓喜に震える.

Theo: ......良いのか?

Beatrix: 好きにするといい







Beatrix: なんだ, だつたら簡単なことね

Beatrix: 貴方は私のものよ

Theo: 良いのか

Beatrix: 好き仁するといい

Theo: 好き仁

Beatrix: ふふ, やけに重ね?

Beatrix: はっ...はっ...

Beatrix: 感じるかしら

Beatrix: ぁツ... ああぁっ

Theo: だめだ...まだ,足りない

[Theo] 俺が全て溢れていく... 熱くたぎリ

[Theo] すごく気持ちよくて, 安心する.

[Theo] 視界がぼやける.思考が...まとまらねえ.

Beatrix: はっ, ンッ...一イ,くぅッッ


>--- Cums in her----

Theo: ツがハ!! ...ツハ! ... ツハ!

Beatrix: ...はあッ............はあッ......

Beatrix: まだ, こんなにも精液を出せるのね.
私の膣内は......貴方の熱いので, いっぱいよ...

Beatrix: 一っ!? 繋がつているのに滋れてきたわね

[Theo] それは...気持ち,良かつたから......

Theo: はぁッ....はぁッ....ッベアト, リクス...?

Theo: .......あんたも,喜ぶんだな?

Beatrix: 一っ!? 失礼ね......私だつて女よ

Beatrix: どう?私のもの仁なるでしょう?



Theo: ああ......あんたのものになろよ

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Who is this?

I found this image on a friend's server and I want to know who is in the image/what anime it's from.
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Idk if /w/ would be willing to help
Bakemonogatari OP3 Ambivalent World Lesbian Monkey

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What program do you use for reading LNs on a computer. I use Cdisplay ex for manga but it has a problem with loading some PDF files so it isn't ideal for LN reading.
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A couple things.

File: waifu1.png (453KB, 483x551px)Image search: [Google]
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Ahh, my original waifu. I miss you Sango, I miss you.

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Is the human girl a cuck or something? Why is she letting the seal burrow in her tits?
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Fuck off.
>Is the human girl a cuck or something
That's neither the actual definition nor the buzzword one
she just doesn't know any better

File: Megumi-Kato.jpg (131KB, 355x867px)Image search: [Google]
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The title says she's boring, the characters say she's boring, and it seems to be true at first. Then you come to realize she is the most interesting and charming character in the series.
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File: PhantomWorld-BD7-9.jpg (80KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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She is the the girl with the best characterization in the series even though her appearance in the trailer gave most people the impression she was a fanservice girl.
File: 1484496398286.png (844KB, 784x1145px)Image search: [Google]
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>from what a bitch to so cute to best girl, OTP!

File: 015_1487761590.jpg (287KB, 918x1300px)Image search: [Google]
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Is Ippo still gonna die?
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Ippo is so fucking gay.

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>new game comes out in March
>new OAD comes out in April
You JUST know
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I guess there are no Umarufriends amon burgers
Umaru is a nugget
I'll be waiting.

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3MB, 1600x900px
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always related

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File: 1478569208899.jpg (407KB, 869x873px)Image search: [Google]
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lol, she can no use simsuit she wants cause big breast are too big.
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