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Maison Ikkoku.jpg
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Episodes 90-96 along with the movie today.

Live Stream Link:


Alternative link: http://pastebin.com/FSfApYGb

Starts at 6:30pm EST (3:30pm PST, 11:30pm UTC)

No profit is made from this, it's all just for fun.
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Prepare for the last momments

Late to the party, I know.

But this was so much cooler than OPM
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Hell yea it was, but it's first episode wasn't great. I dropped it once before picking it up again latter on in the season just because I wasn't a fan of the first episode. It definitely became one of my favorite shows of last year though..

I only ever read the manga. How does the anime fare?

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What the hell did Xi just watch?
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Judging by the filename, it looks like Angel's Egg
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Kobeni is an unknowing succubus; she doesn't realize how lewd she is underneath the good-girl purity. She's a divine prank. The Devil's own human jest.
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I love Kobeni, but she isn't my waifu, explain this shit.
I want to give Kobeni the knot.

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we finally got subs for episode 1 of ova 4
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Just finished watching. Seems like they're setting up Tenchi' s wedding.
I am thankful but wish the uploader had used a slightly more reasonable raw. 10-bit x265 is all around glitchy as hell. Good luck trying to seek the video. It has nothing to do with whether you have a high end processor. The codec just isn't ready for widespread use.

Seems stupid when the uploader clearly even knows it given how he's defending the choice in the description. Oh well, if he wants me to make my own copy without any of his credits, I guess that's what I'll have to do. Maybe I'll repost it since I'm sure many others will have problems.
I just downloaded a different raw and used the sub file.

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Does sex make girls stupid?
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Only bad sex does.
yeah, so stupid she moans in comic sans
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Not as much as you would think. And way less than it does guys.

Do mechanic girls make good girlfriends?
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>Does Yuubari make for a good wife?
The best. They have skill, passion and are good with their hands.
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is Anno a hack?
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>live action
>milking the same franchise for decades
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he is THE hack

This is Rei. Say something nice about her.
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rei is best girl

What's the appeal of this boat?
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Are you, /a/?
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I wish
Maybe someday I can stop being an ant and turn into a butterfly.
manga that women will NEVER understand

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Are there any MCs that are too good for their harem?
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Rusian from Netoge.
Ako is evil, Pig is a cunt, Master is okay, Sette is a whore.

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>makoto from school days
>didn't do anything wrong
>got led around by the nose by the terrible people around him
>basically used the whole series
>he just wanted a gf

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>Author draws a wide racial variety of all races in her manga, even throwing in characters not yet in the manga to give a diverse display of both genders
>Elven section is entirely all-female
>Earlier references to Elven/Dwarven conflict showed both male and female Dwarves, but only Female Elves

Elves in Dungeon Meshi are an all-female race. How do they reproduce? Does this explain why Marcille gets extremely blushy around Farlynn? Discuss.
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Don't try to pretend that you're /tg/, /u/.
Literally tumblr art
draw a male elf and a female elf fully clothed
the only difference will be on the chest

draw a male elf and a flat female elf fully clothed
there will be no difference unless the male elf is aroused

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>knows Kazumas stats and still thinks she can inflate her luck enough to win
Aqua truly is retarded.
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Dear Aqua: I want anal!

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is this anime worth watching?
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I guess but skip the bount filler arc.
why? is that bad?
If you do, stop after the Soul Society arc.

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