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Wow, this is so unfair.
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This is all your fault you /a/ fucktards. You over hype all that cute girl moe shit that the studios gives us 2nd seasons for new game instead of funny heart warming amine like GSNK. I hope your happy. Choke are on you cute girl shows without any braincells. I hope you get raped by dogs
Just watched this yesterday and found it so funny that I binge-read the manga.

But yeah this was so fucking unfair.

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Reifag for life
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Fucking Rei for life. Suck mine and her's giant fucking dick you emo magical girl.

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What did /a/ think of this movie? I thought it was beautiful and a perfect send-off for Miyazaki. I hope he really doesn't come out of retirement because this film could not be a better end to his amazing career.
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The romance shit got a bit much towards the end. Amazing technical animation as always, and the ending was nice.
I really liked all of the mouth-made sound effects. Apparently a lot of people don't. I don't understand that.

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>My favorite anime of that year
I considered importing the $300 JP BD box
The only things worth remembering from this piece of shit are the great OP and ED.
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It'll be forever remembered as a pleb filter.

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can gabriel fly?
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Through sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
She's an angel. She has wings. She can even teleport.
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She can be an aeroplane flying, if she brings her blue sky back.

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What happened??????
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gotcha again
Mass extinction isn't something new on earth

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is this the most OK show of the season?
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That's some weak-ass bait.
it's not amazing by any means, but it's not garbage either. The visuals are nothing to write home about, this is clearly not Kyoani's best visual effort, and most of the usually jokes don't get more of a chuckle

also there's no actual yrui just implications, undertones and edgy dragon sequences

so it's just very OK
It's the most AOTS this season.

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Chinatsu Yoshikawa is amazing and I love her!
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How can she be a semen demon when there are no boys in Yuru Yuri?

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manga edition
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>What I listened
They be audiobooks for mangos, /mu/ fag??
Ok im done with this

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he should have taken over as the MC
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DBZ should've been about him growing up.
what i still don't understand is that Toriyama spent the entirety of the cell saga and Buu saga hyping up Gohan and making him the central focus until the asspull SSJ3 and Gohan getting cucked by Piccolo Buu
Goku makes for a far better protagonist in terms of moving the plot. Gohan should have been handled far better though.

Cell saga yes. But Buu saga everybody took a swing at him and had their chance to be the hero, Gohan wasn't the central focus. The ending to the Buu Saga was pretty lack luster though.

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Uguu Edition.
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What are the chances that Nihei's new manga is set in the same universe as Blame!, and that the characters live right on the outskirts of the mega structure and its really cold as its so far away from the sun?
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Don't some people think all of his works are connected?
He'll make a new manga? That's news to me.

I sure as hell do.
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Still need to read Sidonia, but i feel like all his manga are set in the same universe. Either that or he just likes to reuse shit

Im gonna miss his older artwork though

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Solomon: "If your whole family gets rapemurdered in front of you you have to be positive about it you are going to the Shadow Realm with them too. Haha bye losers."

Sinbad: "You are going to die and be reborn in a perfect world where everything is fair and just. I will watch over this world because i want to."

Why do anons pretend Sin is wrong again?
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Because they don't appreciate best boy.
Because dying sucks.
>reborn again

this isn't happening

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Does the fanbase of an anime/manga influence your perception of said manga/anime?
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Mumei's armpits influence my penis
No, Biba did nothing wrong.

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What´s the worst manga you ever read?
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Ichi the killer.
I read too many shitty manga to remember which is the shittiest
Basically anything from Cheese magazine.
Also Fuuka and Sakura Tsuushin.

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