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>people complain about the protagonist being a scrawny spineless fag
>change the character to a scrawny spineless fag that's totally and utterly controlled by his penis
>nix the sci-fi
>rewrite it as school life

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The generic High School setting is annoying, but in this situation it actually makes sense. If you want to start a breeding program, having males at the height of their sexual ability is the best possible situation. He should be going after all the teachers though, and not the students.
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Why can't they just go with someone like the 1st Man?
>performs cunnilingus
>does his fucking job

10/10 snatch-flooder. But no, somehow eating pussy makes him all nefarious and scummy. Give me a break Nippon.
Girls might be older than they claim to be.

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Tob/a/cco Tuesday: OP release edition

Subs in 2 hours.
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Nice, the OP is awesome. However don't start threads like this we're not making cancerous generals.
As much as I like these comfy threads where we talk about food, cigarettes and the plot, it feels like it's a bit too early to be making it.

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How does this make you feel?
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Why is the best girl covered in shit?
It makes me think that Miyazaki was right, Moeshit and waifus completely ruined Anime.
Why the fuck is a piece of shit wearing best girl clothes?

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The best drawing software from Japan is on sale right now.
You want to make a manga don't you? You have that idea, what is holding you back?
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I'm already too entrenched in photoshop.
Why is it best?

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She isn't real Tarou.
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This is so beautiful, eve is love.
God, she's the best.

I'm glad at times like these tarou isn't an MC who somehow has still has cooties in high school.
Fuck this serie. Both girls are leagues better than the autistic crossdresser yet they don't even stand a chance.

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How can Visha compete let alone Mary
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I want to punch Visha in the face.

Her giant eyes make me angry.
Full ED song soon, right?

Hope its good

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For all the Flipfags, Singfags and Malayfags, how was The Adventures of Jesus-sama: Ordinal Scale?

Also, can this be seen as a stand alone for those who haven't watched Sword Art Online (taking the relatives to see this and almost done with the Aincrad arc and I heard horrifying things about the Fairy arc and the GG Online arc)?
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>wasting my money on this
Fuck no.
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>no supporting anime by seeing a beautifully animated A-1 Pictures film
Save your time and drop that series in the first 3-4 episode.I cant do shit if you liked the series though.

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>“Yes. This is the power of healing. This is a wonderful gift God bestowed to me.”

>She was smiling but she looked somewhat sad.

>Yes, this was how Asia and myself met――
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>I…I want to aim to become the club president which suits me. ――Asia Argento

>How do you do. I am Rudiger Rosenkreutz. ――7th Ranker of Rating Game: Rudiger Rosenkreutz

>That man is a reincarnated Devil who was formerly a human. He was a legendary player and one of the person Hyoudou Issei was aiming for.

>We need to defeat this team led by Dulio-sama which is formed by strong reincarnated Angels. …This will be a big obstacle for our team. ――Ravel Phenex

>The first obstacle for this tournament awaits Ise’s team.

>Oh, so Xenovia-paisen and others will become my friends!? I’m so hyped! ――Team Rias’s mysterious swordswoman, Lint Selzen

>A new member is about to join the girls group that are from Church.

>The reincarnated Angels of Joker Dulio’s team are all top-tier fighters of the Church. ――Xenovia Qualta

>A fight against her former comrades is about to begin for Xenovia.

>I will have to work even harder on my job as a Devil under Ise-kun. ――Rossweisse

>It’s only for a limited time, but finally the Devil’s job starts for Hyodou Issei’s servants.

>Hahaha, the identity of Mister Black is excellent. Now, this is what I’m talking about. ――Vali Lucifer

>Ise is shocked and Vali is in joy at Rias Gremory team’s mysterious ‘Pawn’.

>If you join my team then the tournament-focused team will be complete. ――Rias Gremory

>The new team member who was welcomed by Rias Gremory is――

>…My husband…please allow me to offer you a service. ――Himejima Akeno

>Is there anyone…who can stop the woman who has become engaged with Hyoudo Issei?

>Ddraig, prepare yourself. ――Chaos Karma Tiamat

>T-Tiamat! Wait, let me explain myself! ――Two Heavenly Dragons Sekiryuutei Ddraig

>The last and the strongest Dragon King gets in contact with Sekiryuutei.
>Nariki Ouryuu, heading out! ――The heir of Nakiri clan: Nakiri Ouryuu

>I shall become Sekiryuutei’s fang! No matter who it is, I shall take down anyone in our path! ―― The retainer of “Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth”, Bova Tannin

>Dragons with powers gathers under Sekiryuutei.

>…I want to participate in this tournament no matter what. ――Elmenhilde Galstein

>She tries to hide her true intention, but…

>S-So this is the anti-Ise-kun D-Dulio-san and his team prepared!! ――Kiba Yuuto

>Hyoudou Issei ――cannot escape from it.

>I chose to fight alongside Darling, Asia-san, and Xenovia. That’s why I can even fight against my comrades! ――Shidou Irina

>For that reason they also didn’t hesitate against Irina. A respect to their comrade――.

>…This is just the worst. ――Toujou Koneko

>Wrong, this is the best.

>How about I take a look into your Evil Piece since it has been awhile. ――Maou Ajuka Beelzebub

>Hyoudou Issei who had Dragongodified has had his Evil Pieces reached another――

>I merely need to judge his quality as a [King]. ――Bina Lessthan

>There is something she needs to fulfill.

>New “Brave Saints” descends front of Hyoudou Issei’s team—!!

>Let’s have a good match where both team gives their all. ――Raphael’s A, Deethelm Waldseemüller

>Even if they may be a fellow comrade of the anti-terrorist team they will become a rival Ise needs to defeat during the game――。

>Here I come, Xenovia! We will continue off with our battle which we couldn’t settle during our time as a warrior! ――Uriel’s A, Nero ウリエルのA、Nero Raimondi

>Hot-blooded boy priest challenges Xenovia.
>…I will even go far to expose my breast in order to stop Sekiryuutei for the sake of Heaven. ――Gabriel’s A, MiranaガブリエルのA、Mirana Shatarova

>The entrance of the new big-breasted pretty sister is exposing the position of Asia who had the original position of a sister in danger!

>Hyoudou Issei has an ambition. He has a dream.

>His members also an ambition of their own.

>And Dulio Gesualdo also has his own dream.

>The Angels aligning with Dulio also has a dream.

>Here I come, Dulio! Even if we may be comrades that is different during the fight of this game! ――“Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth” Hyoudou Issei

>Yeah, that’s the spirit! Let’s have an all-out battle among fellow D×D members where we put our dreams on the line! ― “Joker of Heaven” Dulio Gesualdo

>There are battles you need to accept for being their comrade――

>Hey, Issei. Have you ever had a ‘fun’ battle? ――The former Governor of Grigori, Azazel

>When Sensei asked as such, I didn’t know how to answer.

>But with Dulio and with my rivals, I may find that answer――

>This is a single page of the younger generations youth.

>High School D×D23

>Coming out on March 18th!

>I may fight both of you one day. ――New Chief-God of Olympus, Apollo

>Yo, brother(Vali), and Sekiryuutei. How about we have a good match if we face each other? ――New Chief-God of Asgard, Vidar

>The ones awaiting in the path of Hyoudou Issei and others are ――inevitable myths like battles against Gods.

wth? what does she mean by you can't travel to the same time line where you originally came to?
what's with the wait a whole day crap?
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That's not hard to grasp.
She is saying it right there. If she changes the settings they can't go back to Trunks' parallel word.
This whole "connection getting weaker" with no explanation seems unnecessary bullshit

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15 minutes until new episode
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Use the thread to everything Gintama related
Ketsuno Ana when?
How much does he weigh, that he doesn't fall over with that huge sword?

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Remember when SoL were good?
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I remember when I was a young idiot that thought cute anime girls being cute had any value whatsoever though.
Name five "valueable" anime.
When you learn to spell it maybe.

Is this show good? I've watched K-ON!, YuruYuri, and Nichijou, and I liked all of them. Is this show similar, like a slice of life with moe girls? Should I watch the anime or read the manga?
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Watch it and find out.
You should learn to think for yourself instead of making garbage threads.
Watch gochiusa instead

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What is this?
No idea. I simply saw it a couple weeks ago.
i think that was the picture drama during the 10 years anniversary of CG a couple of months ago

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>Aqours tells Yohane she should just be herself
>Hanamaru acts like the bitch of the fucking century and humiliates Yohane by blowing out her candle

God DAMN this scene pissed me off. I will NEVER forgive Hanamaru.
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I'd let Maru blow my candle
What do you mean?

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Cedar the Pharmacist > Carrot

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