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>No Gudako protagonist

Why? Gudako is many times more popular than boring, generic protagonist Gudao, but they still made the (((safe))) choice.
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How is Gudako the unsafe choice if she's many times more popular?
Because muh self insert



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What is this, lesbian sex for ants?
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Can't see shit, Captain.

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Anyone know where I can read or download raws sleeves from shonen jump magazine?
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Yeah, try our central manga download archive:


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A girl (male)?
Lain a shit.
You don't seem to understand.

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skip beat.png
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>mfw my textbook recommends Skip Beat to me
Is it any good, at least?
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Read more textbooks.

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Any UKfags will watch this?

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Manga wasn't that good, so I wouldn't waste my money on it in the cinemas. I don't see where the praise is coming from for this manga.
the art direction in the movie looks nice though
Already seen it 7 times, AOTY

Macross was made to make /pol/fags rage
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What a nice Okinawan man with some Japanese girls

Bet you Exedol is a /pol/ack.
>dat autism, unable to express itself
He just wanted to drop a truth bomb.
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They wouldn't understand Basara's song anyway

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Yomanga Gooks are dead
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>That cliffhanger in Sweet Guy
I'll never know the end, will I?
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RIP in Peace.
What do we do without the gooks now? At least a lot of the NTR shit is gone.

Heart of the cards !
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>Probability manipulated ass-pulls
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>130 KB

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What is this ... thing?
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A child with hydrocephalus.
I liked her as a character and even respected her but fucking hell did the artists need to make her look like a duck just to reinforce their feminist ideals
My wife.

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After watching all the UC series, The Federation and Zeon are both fucking terrible and deserve to put up with each others bullshit
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congrats you payed more attention than 90% of /m/
Now which was your favorite?
>both sides are fucking terrible

Welcome to every Gundam series ever.
Jewdough was smart to fuck off to Jupiter.

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RIP Seijun Suzuki
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Gold Babylon will always be your best film.

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How come Kato was able to revive Anzu Yamasaki despite the rules clearly stating that you can only revive your own team members?
Or have I missed something?
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Show me were did anyone said that you could only revive members of your team? Did you somehow forgot that Kurono revived Tae? And even if someone say so it's most likely to have been a lie, everyone is a fucking asshole in this series, it's like a bunch of /a/nonymous getting into a survival game.
Yeah the manga had the line (revive anyone from Gantz memory). But in the movie it said (revive anyone from your team) as Suzuki was explaining Gantz to Kato. Must have a subtitle error on my version.
I just remember being deeply affected by Anzu's death in the manga, & when she was revived in the movie it felt kinda weird.
Were the fuck that rule was mentioned? is pure bullshit.

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Has Shin Megami Tensei ever gotten the anime adaptation it deserves?

I kind of liked Tokyo Revelation.
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A casual look (wikipedia) shows that after Tokyo Revelations you get adaptations of other SMT spinoff series.

Unfortunately, we only have an adaptation of the source books but not the main games.
Manga adaptations is all it's getting.
Remember DeSu 2 where they made the MC a pussy that was a constant downer, despite the fact that his whole schtick in the game was that he had an autistic sense of humor.
They should have adapted DeSu 1 that one would have worked better as anime.

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This show is a masterpiece.
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Is purple really a whore?
She's kuuru
No one cares?

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