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I'm gar for touma
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Do you wish for a new season?
If we meme hard enough, will season 3 happen?
lucky bastard.

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This is an American scientist.
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No, that is a goddess.
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Who said she couldn't be both?

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>pick a shitty manga with ugly-ass artstyle
>turn it to one of the best anime series of all time
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niwakas tongue my kyoanus.
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Great premise, unique art style, fun heartwarming story of friendship and love. Unique and interesting characters. Could be any of those things really, or it could just be that humanity has finally fallen past the point of no return and that we are well and truly on the way towards a complete collapse of civilization as we know it.

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I'm in the mood for something.

Sucy, also best girl.
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>you will never be Diana
>you will never do your best magic to try to impress Akko
>you will never secretly leave her love letters and be disappointed when you find out that she's too dumb to find them
>you will never masturbate every night in frustration
>you will never sum up the courage to pin her to a wall and confess your feelings

Why even live?
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praise be to our lord and savior, Amanda.
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Why she is so tall?
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Wait is that Saori or Ayase?
because she is ready for daily breeding sessions
I want to impregnate Ayase.

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hey guys look new Yuzumori. I don't feel like dumping though.
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Stop being so lazy
>Error: Upload failed.
what the fug
i want to post cute yuzumori
oh well


Best show this season. It's sweet and comfy. Discuss it.
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Is Amanda going to be alright?
She just needs to slow the fuck down to avoid accidents.
It's a bit of a rollercoaster until now, to be desu. Half of the episodes where really good, but some where quite underwhelming as well.

It remind me the beginning of Kill La Kill actually, in the first 10 episodes, 50% wsere good, 50% were just plain shit.

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Draw your waifu.

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I tried
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Like it or not, this is the ideal female body. This is what peak attractiveness look like.
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Ideal body for Pedro, Juan and Jose.
brb changing my name to Pedro
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I like it.

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Vigne's episode wasn't funny but it was comfy as hell
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it was cute
I like Vine a lot but I think she'd be boring as hell if she was the MC.
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Best girl thread? Best girl thread.

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A Latin American Spanish dub for pic related just got confirmed.

Robotics;Notes thread.
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Dios mio
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But I'm not Mexican.

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>meet some family friends with family
>someone gets murdered
>find the killer
>instead of speaking to a lawyer the killer tells the whole story to the police and cries

>walk over to a park
>attempted murder
>solve it

>get invited to a mansion
>someone gets murdered
>etc etc

>meet childhood love interest
>she almost gets burned alive

>watch man get photography award
>he murders someone

God damn why don't the cops ever suspect Conan? I mean everywhere he goes people get murdered. Don't they think there's some kind of correlation?
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Mori already gets called Angel of Death.
They also apply this label to Conan in later chapters.
>They also apply this label to Conan in later chapters.
They finally got it right then.

The wiki says there will be a new Kaito Kid episode soon, do you guys know the exact date?

Would you a Hotaru?
Or would you rather a Saya?
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Saya. No contest.
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Flat is justice and Saya is justice. I always a justice.

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Okay, so volume 7 has no omake. Just 2 entirely new chapters. Anyways, new chapter first
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[Title is 'Joker']

Toda Fuyumi
Year 2 Class 1
Sunagawa-kun's girlfriend.

Sunagawa Yoshiharu
Year 2 Class 1
Toda-san's boyfriend.

The night of the exciting School Trip

"Okay, you lose, Sunagawa-kun!!"
"Time for a punishment game!!"

"You poor thing, Suna..."
"Are you worried about me?"
"I'm super excited"
"Why you..."

"Okay now tell Toda-chan"
" 'I like you', okay?"
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"Sunagawa-kun, you and Toda-chan"
"Are pretty dry when you guys are in front of others, right?"
"So we just wanna see"
"You two being lovey dovey..."

"I don't normally say it either"
"And you're okay with it, Toda-chan??"

"Toda, you hate"
"That sort of thing, right?"

"Not really"

"I mean, it's just a punishment game"
"Good job, Toda-chan!! So mature!!"

"But Toda..."
"You hated holding hands too"
"I never said I hated it"
"It was just annoying"

"Don't just chit chat"
"Say it quickly"

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