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What do you like the most about Ume-sama?
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Those tits and ass.
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She's got a fantastic pair.
Telling her to fuck off like the massive dyke that she is.

What would animu be like if Naruto never existed?
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Pretty much the same. It wasn't that influential to the industry, aside from introducing a large amount of people to anime.
Hunter x Hunter started a whole year earlier, and has tons of features you could consider Naruto having blatantly ripped.

Shit starts to really seem like a rehash when you take into account some ye-olde Shonen action series, like DB and Jojo.
I would have a life maybe

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Is appmon saved?
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>dog digimon
Yes it is saved.
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New opening when?
So he's gonna be the kid this season who has a massive angst arc then gets over it 15 episodes before the end of the series (assuming this goes for 50 episodes, which I'm positive it will). I thought that was the other kid in black.

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Hotaru loves dog.
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will she MEET DOG?
What do you mean by >LOVE ?
She loves my hotdog that's for sure.

>puts grasses on
>everything goes wrong
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Does anyone else miss berserk when it was on more grounded reality?
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While watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv_jybdJDJo (which you should watch, it's a good discussion on the use of cg in anime), I saw this pic related and the narrator failed to mention what this is. Anyone recognize?
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You're good people /a/.
Is it worth my time to figure out what it is?

This arc has me rolling. 10000x better than that shitty tower arc.
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YFW this is a better gambling manga than le crying pointy nose man
I wanna fuck Yumeko.
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post your reaction when you realize the "smug" game master had no clue what kind of psychopaths she was dealing with.

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They made fun of her age a couple of times. How old was she supposed to be /a/? 35?
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Anybody 30 or over is old.

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am I cute?
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am I cute?

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She just needed someone to love her.
If the cute Higurashi girls can do it, neps can do it to.

And I think you know what I mean by "it".

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Are you excited? New trailer:
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AKFG is so good

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Why is Scopedog the GOAT mecha design?
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I still remember the talks by the water
The proud sons and daughters
That in the knowledge of the land
Spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways
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come on

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>When a manga has duwang level translation and nobody fixes it.
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Stick to social networks.

Alright, I'm all caught up on the free episodes of Tanya the Evil, my friend told me that the next episodes a recap, so let's talk about Tanya the Evil!

So why doesn't Tanya just submit to Being X? I mean I'm no fancy-pants Japanese salaryman, but when some mother fucker comes up to me, stops time and shit before reincarnating me as a cute WW1 era loli with magic powers I shut the fuck up and listen to what he says. What the fuck is Tanya's problem?

Also can anyone tell what rifle Tanya is armed with?
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>Why won't Tanya submit to Being X
Literally no reason

And I'm no gun enthusiast. But from quick research the closest thing it looks like is a Mondragón M1908 rifle. But remember that there is magic and shit so it's probably some specific in universe gun.
>free episodes
Since tanya is technically a guy stuck in a girls body. I wonder if she'll be attracted to men or women.

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