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I don't understand why there is no fuss on the internet about Vagabond's hiatus. Does anyone here happen to have a friend whose neighbor's cousin's stepmother's friend live in Japan and know when it will come back?
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its dead jim
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Vagabond v11 104-105.jpg
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There's no "fuss" because all the anger has died out; as mortally flawed as Inoue's drive to draw the manga. It has been many years since we were promised that the story would end "soon". Where once raged anger and hatred's flames now flows the black river of indifference.

And we all know well that the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. That is why there is no "fuss".
I did read somewhere that Inoue will continue Vagabond after finishing Real. I never read Real nor do I think that I'm ever going to read it. But is it anywhere near its final chapter?

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Just ended The Second Raid.
Damn I really love this anime.
Should I wait for Invisibile Victory or read Sigma?
The ending really leaves you hanging.
Also FMP general I guess
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Read sigma there's a lot more to the story and if you're craving it it will suffice.
read the LN, from the beginning
Fine. I'll go for it.
Does Sigma explain what truly is a Whispered and many things that are not still clear?
What about novels? Are there some worth reading?
Also, sigma covers every principal novel, right?

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Is Mako the most bro-tier girl out there?
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I want to impregnate Mako.
Too bad she wants to be impregnated by Ryuko.
That's not Nibutani Shinka.
>in b4 tired, stale, innacurate she's not a bro she's a bitch image

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Why is Shimakaze always associate with cross-dressing?
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>why is a crossdresser associated with crossdressing
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>shimakaze-kun (male)
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It's cute.

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>OP by fripside
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>OP by mami kawada
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>OP by fhana

I actually like fripSide.
Yes it's repetitive shit, but it's shit that exactly meets my horrible taste.

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Satania on the front page!
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I want to bully her like Raphiel does.
Doesn't look like the front page to me
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Satania a best. A BEST.

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Rathead Garou.png
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Does anyone have the original page ONE posted that contained this? Also one punch man thread I guess.
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Many thanks.

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Just be yourself!
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Can't wait until we see his and Kallens children in R3.
He probably cucks Rivalz and sleeps with Milly too.
>being yourself

wew lad
Who exactly is yourself though? You have a different self for every new person you met.

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Romance sport done right.
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that's the only one

maybe Touch and some other Adachi Mitsuru manga
Doesn't the heroine too erotic?
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cross game.jpg
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Why stupid girls are always so well developed?
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
A baka has no right to be that busty.

Also she's the 2nd tallest of the girls, right?

If the nutrients are not going to the brain, it has to go somewhere.

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Why aren't you watching the best show this season?
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But I am.
I am.

I'm watching ACCA too.
Im already watching Tiger Mask W, which is what you are obviously speaking of, no idea why you posted that image since while ACCA is okay, we all know that unless it got CUTE GIRLS beating the shit of each other it doesn't qualify as AotS.

Youjo Senki also got potential, but im yet to see Girl-On-Girl combat.

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Cute and perfect
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Thanks dude

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>be me
>watch a show not directed by Tomino
>it's shit
Every time.
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>>be me
>>it's shit
I believe you.
How one man can be so meme?
Cheer up, Yoshi.

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What is this manga even hinting at for Ippo anymore. I don't know what they are going for.
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Ippo is probably even weaker that he was during volume 10-15
I was hoping they were hinting that they were getting old. But it's likely that Miyata is just being a shit as usual.
I Hate it, Ippo is becoming a pussy through and through. Always blushing and overwhelmed by other peoples strength and even opinions.

I HOPE they are preparing a huge comeback with the new dempsey, but I seriously lost all faith in this manga.

When was the last time Ippo fought anyway? Like 3 years real-time?

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Touma screwing with lolis.png
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Birdway is best imouto (NBR)
Birdway is best girl

Season 3 confirmed
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I can't tell if Touma wants to run or is actually enjoying it.
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Kakine Teitoku is the strongest and coolest raildex character. He will return in NT18.
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Season 3's shitposting potential is incredible. I cant wait.

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