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Mob Psycho 100 is being studied by animation students
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Bones is king.
Kyoani on suicide watch.
Literally who cares?
No one gives a FUCK about your lame twitter account, please kill yourself.

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Why isn't he on the Universe 7 team?

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probably because he's too powerful lol
Not as strong as sam from jimmy neutron.
Didn't he died?

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Why is this edgefest so highly rated again?
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wrong pic
Because dumb EOPs
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Does that stand for english only plebs?

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Stop watching anime with Mexican subs
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Can I watch anime while eating Mexican food?
tell me why
At this point spic subs are better than English subs

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I'm not enjoying season 2 as much as I thought I would. Is the humor just not on point or has it always been like this and was I just swept up in the hype of season 1?
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>girls make fun of small dick
>anon doesn't like it
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Megumin isn't as funny, but Darkness was vastly improved. Aqua and Kazuma are still hilarious as always. I'd say S1 and S2 are about equal.
S2 has a better sense for the characters and their interactions, but the situations they find themselves in aren't as interesting as S1.

If they do a third season, it'll be the best of both worlds. Volume 5 is where the author really finds it I think

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Discuss anything Tamamo, Foxtail or Fate-related stuff.
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How's the /c/ thread going?
dead, was barely alive at all
few posts since friday
tamamo have been cucked by Rin in her own game

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I FUCKING HATE you people

I just finished watching this after your recommendation. I have to say, I've never seen a bigger pile of shit. It was an absolute snorefest without any redeeming qualities. They even changed Dante's character and added some moe-moe bullshit. I fucking can't believe so many of you assholes recommended this shit. "Watch DMC, it's great" my ass.

Thanks to you I wasted 4 hours of my life. I hope you're happy.
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Man trusts people on the internet, Results are terrible as expected.
I agree OP. They completely ruined Dante's character for whatever reason. The only good thing to come out of this anime is that it confirms DMC's world is completely different from Baynetta's, thus killing the kamiyababy

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Why didn't you pick her, /a/?
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Too clingy.
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She just wanted someone to hold her, anon.
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1MB, 1750x2301px

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Can't put my thumb on it... But is there a new character designer at KyoAni?
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Nope, KyoAni has had the same character designer since Clannad in 2007.
>putting this mini shade something thingy on Tohru's bikini
Would be better if he was fired
>slight buttcheek behind the thigh gap
Whoever drew this needs a promotion.

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I was reading Golden Kamuy and they talk about the Ainu.
So I went to check them and the other ethnicities of Japan.
The majority is Yamato people. Named after the dynasty.
It also says the Yamato is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world.

So I searched for a while to see if I could find if they ever were "deposed" because I remembered the Sengoku period, but I couldn't understand.
So were they officially removed from power or killed through out the history of Japan?
Or did they always maintained their place even when they effectively had no power and were just figure heads.
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Golden Kamuy volume 1 cover
The links:
The Tenno had no real power in Japan for like 1000 years, so there never was much of a reason to get rid of him. They only got rid of a Tenno once, and the new Tenno was still of the same family.
Sengoku period is unrelated to the Tenno at all.
What's there not to understand?

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I kinda forgot he was a good student.
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I have no idea what this is referencing guys. Help me out.
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>4 jojo references
Don't give up, my dude. You can still win her heart.

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Anyone else feels a bit embarassed of watching anime around other people? I always try to disguise what I'm doing when someone gets near me
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>watching anime in public

Might as well cosplay and talk in honorofics
this, who the fuck watches anime in public
Nope. I'm a 38 year old man and I don't hide my love for anime. My phone's ringtone is the lucky star opening music.

Would you a 15y giantess imouto?
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Weekly reminder that imoutos are for protecting and loving only.
And anal.


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Almost done watching this, what does /a think of it? I really want to like the show, but there is something about it that keeps frustrating me. The show tries to tackle serious topics in some episodes but does so in such a superficial way that it doesn't seem to take itself serious. The romance also feels out of place and just unnecessary. It is so frustrating, it feels like a missed opportunity. Am I the only way that feels this way about the show?
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It's a feel-good show, anon. It may deal with topics like thankless blue collar work, loss of a spouse, setting aside emotional ties for the sake of one's career, and economic disparity, but it's never going to take the darker path at the end of the day. I think what a lot of people like about the show is the universe's indifference towards who was in the wrong here. It's not morally grey by any means, but it's more concerned with how specific characters feel than what the show's message is.
It's a really great show, I happen to like the manga better though, I think you might too OP based upon your post.
>Am I the only way that feels this way

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>But how do we eat candy?!
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They best way to stop him was to tell him that peole can make infinite kinds of candy, and sweets.
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