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So, what are the odds of S2 really happening, lads?

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>Masato Hayashi, the producer of Asobimo's Btooom! Online game app, promised at the end of the game's unveiling event on Monday that if the game ranks in the top 5 of Japan's app sales chart, the second season of the Btooom! anime will be made.
That show was so stupid, yet I somehow enjoyed it.
So, what's its current rank?

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Bites za dasto trumps anything deidara has.
This plus stands are invisible to non-stand users so killer queen would get to deidara easily before a bomb reaches Kira.
Deidara isn't a stand user, Bite the Dust stomps

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Hanabi is for _____.
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moo gee

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Do you agree with this video?
As a quick summary, the guy thinks that Attack On Titan is an exploration of the philosophy of the self-avowed Nazi Carl Schmitt.

Evidence for this:
>pseudo-Germanic culture
>intro having a distinctly Nazi visual style and nationalistic themes
>Strict separations according to natural ability
>Reliance on an enemy to continually fight but not defeat to focus society
And some more stuff too. Watch the video to find out.

Whaddya think? Do you agree? Do you think its interesting?
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Isayama has nationalist sentiments so it's not too far fetched.
Why would they even bother making a second season to this shit when everyone will have forgotten what happened 3 years ago in the first one

I remember literally nothing except the main guy's mom got eaten, he became a titan, and his dad said don't go in the basement.


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Is Kuzu no Honkai based on a true story?
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It's based on my love life in 2007 and 2008.
My diary desu

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>mfw rewatching zero no tsukaima

Why am I feeling nostalgia for a mid 2000's anime? This is confusing
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Because season 1 is a mid 2000s anime.
>2006 was over 10 years ago
Misread the OP, gomen.

Are you saying that mid 2000s isn't old enough? Nostalgia just requires that something be old enough to feel divorced from the present. 11 years feels long ago.

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>write everyones name except for Near's in the death note
>have them all die at the same time in the warehouse
>pull out a gun and shoot Near

Wow, I'm smarter than Light.
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Yet you're apparently not smart enough to anticipate that the boy genius might have some countermeasure in place that would screw a simplistic plan like that.
>write everyones name except for Near's in the death note
>have them all die at the same time in the warehouse
>Near pulls out a gun and shoots you
>fall for bait
>die in a warehouse outside of town

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Post good anime.
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>Lust in 2003: a deconstruction of the femme fatale archetype and a multi faced character

>Lust in 2010: generic evil token pussy in the enemy group
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Fullmetal is alright but the entire manga and both tv series suffer horribly because Arakawa never bothered to do any real research on what she was writing about. Alchemy is nothing but ridiculous magic and incredibly early on in the manga Arakawa just stops giving a fuck about the rules of her power. Had she ever bothered to study actual chemistry and explained how alchemy worked the manga would have been for more interesting.

You need only look at Spice and Wolf to see what happens when someone researches and learns about the setting and plot of their prospective series and how much good can come of it.

2003 is bad and you should feel bad for liking it.
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Good anime, huh?

Only a few know who this best girl is.
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I know who best girl is, pic related.
that's a slut
>I want to help people!
Just convert to angel already, for goodness' sake.

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how do I become cool like Mr Kaji, so that if anybody saw the life of someone who knew me as an anime he'd label me the coolest guy in an anime?
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fuck a mentally unstable alcoholic and do gardening
Step 1: Stop watching anime
Step 2: Start looking after yourself
Step 3: Find a job in a paramilitary organization

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>Oshiete! Galko-chan
>Gyaru haremshit
>Gyaru isekai

>Now Gyaru cooking

So Gyaru is the new bread and butter for the otaku industry?
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>Gyaru Isekai
>>Gyaru isekai
The what and the what, now?
>Gyaru Isekai

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I'm pretty sure that /a/ stands for /a/lpha male
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Pretty sure the unspoken one was /a/ssholes.
We all want to be alpha males, anon, we all want to.
You're wrong. /a/ stands for w/a/ste.

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Any of you seen it? It's really good.
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Everyone died with the 4th movie.
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rollei is kill
Whistle-tan a best.

>FLCL ep 5: masterpiece
>Medabots ep 14: masterpiece
>RE Cutie Honey ep 1: masterpiece
>Dead Leaves: masterpiece
>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: masterpiece
>Panty & Stocking with Ganterbelt: masterpiece
>Kill la Kill: masterpiece
>Sex and Violence with Machspeed: masterpiece
>Space Patrol Luluco: masterpiece
>Little Witch Academia ep 8: masterpiece
Is he the single greatest living anime director?
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>no KareKano 19
>Kill la Kill

Inventive animation, kickass action, and thematic depth.

>"I-its not a wish fullfillment story i swear! Its making fun of those kind of stories!"
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I wish the pretentious normalfags who care either way would die
Being a parody and being wish-fulfillment aren't mutually exclusive. Only talking about Konosuba though because despite making fun of isekai tropes it also celebrates the silliness of it all.

Yahari is hot fucking trash.
Well, if a show chooses that tone it should at least stick with it.

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