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What's your favorite reoccurring fanservice costume /a/?
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Sliiiiiiiiiiing bikinis.
naked with nipples

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Production's completed on Masaaki Yuasa's new movie. Who else hype?

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I am, seems like it will be a good movie.
Oh, it's a movie huh.
Too bad I won't get to watch it till 2018. Same as the non-Ponyo one.
When are they gonna announce the one TV series with Oshiyara?

Hard mode: explain why
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Because /a/ has shit taste
Isn't this that show where the heroine dies?
any anime that has Seo's influence deserve to have dead threads.
I would rather watch RomCom/harem animes than watch/read another one of Seo's works

This was way better than I had expected. it's not something you see often either, ainme that are comedy, but the comedy comes from playing something absurd completely straight. It has a level of self awareness and for a "random" type show it doesn't have typical "LEL RADNUM xD" jokes in it. Aoi Yuki best girl btw.

Any of other good shows like this?
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Too bad they ran out of budget near the end.
still doesn't detract from the show as a whole.
Hated the twins

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Why? Why was everything about this character so sad, and why didn't anyone give a shit in or outside the film?
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This was probably the first time myself and a lot of people saw animated boobs.
She's just some girl who got nearly raped by a biker gang, I doubt that's an uncommon occurrence in Neo Tokyo
I'm sure someone cared but neither they or Kaori were really relevant to the story, the only reason she was inserted in there at all was to make Tetsuo seem more human and relatable, by having someone other than Kaneda and their gang care about him. Her role of being Akira's nanny was at least more interesting
Why would anybody give a shit about a slut?

I'm planning on watching this, so I gotta ask: Is it really as gay as the screenshots I've seen floating around make it seem? Do dicks get sucked? Or is it left completely ambigious?
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At worst its sports shounen levels of gay. Rare though.
no, you only get manly no homo frienships between men.
Completely ambigious then, thanks.

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This is Chitose. Say something nice about her.
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no she's a moron
her acting is legitimatly great

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Post some good anime ringtones.

Starting with an obvious one.

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The one I'm currently using.

Currently using the first 19 seconds of Jojo Part 4's opening theme as my ringtone and alarm tone
this is my ringtone

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Why isn't she HAPPY?
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Because my dick isn't in her.
She is happy, she just doesn't show it like everyone else because she's schizoid.
Because she's the embodiment of /v/

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Left or right?
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Picture absolutely unrelated, right?

Looks like I'll have to kick it off.

"In This Corner of the World" for those of you who can't read the text. (or google image search)
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obligatory EoE

>picture unrelated
kill yourself

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Is this the next Ranma?
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Fuck that, will it be as entertaining as Beelzebub?
Since his school was an all-boys school, is he gonna attend Anna's girl academy now?

Or will they figure out a way to switch back and forth?
The latter probably. I highly doubt he'll stay in that form until the very end.

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Anyone interested in Yandere Heaven? Or just yanderes boys in general?

Not sure if this was the right board. You will excuse my stupidity if it isn't.
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I like yandere boys. There aren't nearly enough of them out there.
/a/ is basically full of Yanderes in the waiting
>yandere boys
Oppai loli tier. Boys can't be yandere because there isn't an inherent contrast.
Men are aggressively possessive by default.

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>ITT characters who canonically love anal
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That's not how you use meme arrows. Also, looking forward to any who actually do love it.
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