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Volume 3 comes out in less than a week.
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Will he ever give cow girl the dick?
He'd better hurry before the goblins give her theirs.
What arc is Vol3?
The one with the Goblin Paladin?

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What anime things do you wish for?

> Another Black Lagoon season with a large focus on Balalaika & more sexy fanservice.
> New Guyver series with a fresh story line not rehashing the previous series.
> New Live Action Guyver movie.
> More Marvel/Madhouse anime, Thor ideally. But no more pussyfooting around, adapt a major important story not making up some filler nonsense. Them cock teasing Dark Phoenix in the X-Men intro was sadism.
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Elementary School Love Club anime.
Elementary School Love Club and Umibe no Onnanoko anime uncensored.
another Natsume season

this time, with proper closure to the series

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ITT /a/ writes an isekai LN
I'll start.
MC-kun was walking back from his high school when suddenly he saw a truck falling from the sky, he desperately tried to run away, but unfortunately the truck was already on top of him and he lost consciousness.
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Suddenly MC-kun was then transported into a magical world with magic and monsters and catgirls and shit! Thankfully MC-kun died holding several blueprints to AK47's and 7.62×39mm rounds, which were still on him when he spawned into this new world. MC-kun then vows to overthrow the Empire and purge all non-humans from the face of the earth. He then heads off to the town hall and files a petition to create his own political party.
In a twist of events, the truck was also transported to the magical world. Taking the form of an american trucker girl.

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>I go to my cousin's wedding
Miyu-chan dies

>I go to my brother's wedding
June Foray dies

>I'm going to a friend's wedding next month...
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Calling Stan Lee
You're already dead.

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wrong board and it's too early
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14 is unbeatable.
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she is almost 15, kazuma has to give her a birthday present
>she is almost 15

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Is there a word for girls who are really cute in an ugly kind of way?
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is this ghiblishit?
ぶさかわいい or just ぶさかわ for short

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Riko exploding.gif
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Made in Abyss
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I can't believe Riko fucking dies.
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33 hours til the next episode. How are the rest of you fags holding up?
PV when?

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How can someone like this bag of bones?
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Better than a retarded blue haired sack of fat.
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Stop making threads already.
Shes a little ball of estrogen

post your 3x3
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reminder that these threads are for fags
almost got it OP
try again next time

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Is it wrong to fap to smug?
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Is it wrong to fug the smug?
wait u virgins actually masturbase to animes? LMAO wtf
Is it wrong to bap the squap?

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Girls you would like to control you and own you.
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>tfw no Alter servant to dominate you.

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>watching comfy SOL right before bed

Is there a better feeling that exists in this world? I love visiting my treasured friends
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Methamphetamines are pretty good I hear
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Yes, the feeling of not reading a blog the instant you see the board.

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I just realize that is a Wacky Races reference.
im only up to the second season, but why does this series feel so girly? Maybe its just cause the majority of characters are females, but this seriously feels like a women power fantasy despite the ecchi.
Not that i dont like it but the characters despite mc and his older sister just feel petty

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What is the best anime eye color and why is it red
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>White sclera
>Round, black pupils

Get this garbage out of my face.
How the fuck is E7 realistic
anon, that spoiler was useless. everyone knows red is the only common color that consists of 3 letters.

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