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Is anyone watching/reading this?
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I tried to, but I found the characters boring.
Yeah. It's pretty uneven, some episodes are really quite touching like the one where the ghost kid's ghost mother comes back and the MC has a dream about his family, but this recent tarot thing is kind of lame. I'll still keep watching it though and hopefully it'll have more of those nice emotional moments.

Makes me want to rewatch Re-Kan though.
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Manga is nice.

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Vol 2 Chapter 11

As a bonus, here are all translated chapters so far, from 01 to 17, by the other anonymous guy (01-10) and me (11-17), now that all the gaps between chapters were finally closed.

And yes, the chapters 01-04 are included, too.



List of chapters:
Vol. 1:
CH 10:

Vol. 2:
CH 12:
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Will episode 6 go down in history as one of the most revolutionary works of anime ever made, alongside episode 25 of Evangelion?
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Came here to make this thread. What did they mean by this?
I didn't expect this show to be such a masterpiece, truly splendid, I am crying.
Why does she sit like that?

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Do you fantasize about Krul?
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I lost my fantasy half a decade ago. I wonder if 4chan is to blame.
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danse de femme fantastique.jpg
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Yes, just not that Krul.
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Never forget
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I don't get it.
That doesn't seem like a long time ago though.
Facebook tier picture, go back to it.
Reverse image search fag

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Tanya Thursday
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Tanya is getting married!
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Yeah, congratulations to the lovely couple

S2 with the best girl when?
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I would fug that _boy
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never ever
Never ever.

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Because dealing with him causes too many problems.
get out
Was his lust for Sasuke purely platonic?

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>161145465
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Censorship joke.png
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Requesting a parody of the image above with Sophia
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Requesting Fate Tamamo-no-Mae wearing a dress like the left and middle, although a more frilly, fancy, cocktail dress works just as good whatever you'd think she'd wear.
In swimtrunks and topless with leys covering her chest like Herc is great as well
Sorry I'm borrowing your reference, shieldbro.
I want to request a drawing of Eclaire either eating an eclair, or wearing a Korean MMO high-level armor set (basically almost nothing like a bikini) and trying to wear it without being embarrassed.

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Would you date a (s)he?
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probably yeah, that one panel where he/she asks if komi san had fun at the school festival was cute
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No contest.
If not for the ever rare chapter where we get to see a really cute closeup of Komi, this would probably be my favourite chapter so far. It really shows just how cute the rest of the girls are, especially Yamai, and except for Najime.

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Strohiem was the best Jojo and he was a fucking Nazi
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Trips of truth, but I still call it off-topic b8.
Stroheim wasn't exactly a mainstream nazi, since he valued the brave kid's life, was okay with Smokey and said he respected bravery in all kinds of people. You could say Hitler supposedly thought the same hence his respect for Jesse Owens.
But it's really different from nowadays neonazis and their "omg blacks want equal treatment, let's freak out".
What equal treatment?
You mean getting killed at higher rates by cops like whites are?

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Is she better than Rem?
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get on my level, amateur
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Megumin is nice, but >>161225283 can't argue with that, Lina is perfect, the one girl to take me aways from my lolicon.

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Could Katawa Shoujo work as an anime?
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Which route would it follow?
All of them, halfassedly. Have you never seen a VN adaptation?

Omnibus format could work depending on the studio who handles it.

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SAO Thread! Let's discuss the best isekai anime of the decade. Can't wait for season 3!
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The sad thing is you all make fun of it but when season three does come out every single god damn one of you will be watching.
That's because /a/ is tsundere for SAO. It has to pretend to hate it because normies like it but in reality /a/ likes it too.
Is season 3 confirmed yet?

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I cant comprehend anything this bitch says
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She does talk a bit fast. Have you tried slowing down the anime a bit?
That sounds like an LN title.
U retarded bro?

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