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Admit it she was best girl. She was pretty badass and was funny as hell when she trolled people.
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I don't recall anyone saying otherwise.
She's so cute yet so smug. How can anyone even compete?
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I like her smug

>take lewd pictures of herself
>get raped

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Fuck off.
> Clearly being followed
> Know you have neither the courage nor strength to deal with him
> Better get away from the public area I was just in and go to a dark deserted alley

I like the series and but this was just inexcusably lazy writing.
Do they show it? Is it jackable?

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Tooru Swimsuit.webm
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Watching A Channel.

Yuuko is kindest nicest girl but Tooru is cutest!
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finished Youjo Senki a couple days back, I don't know why it took me so long to watch it, it's really good, and currently I'm halfway through season 1 of Konosuba, I felt for the Megumin meme, she is adorable, but the rest of the show is nothing special
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Top 10 Anime Battles.webm
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Nice. Kazuma was part of what made me really like KonoSuba too, though.
Happiness Charge PreCure

Why the fuck do I have to stoop so low as to watch your pathetic "adult" seasonal anime when I can just watch shows for kids and let my lolicon instincts run wild?

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>anime has a movie
>80% of it is reused footage from the anime
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Wasnt it announced that way? But yeah, I thought there would be more original scenes too and would include some scene related to some audio drama that was posted in the anime threads.
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4MB, 1920x1080px
It sucks too because the original scenes were great. It was just told as a recap and that's what removed any sort of urgency.
>that one HnK movie

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S2 never thanks to the japs and their shit taste. I'm still fucking mad as fuck.
That twitch stream sure re-ignited Rokka threads, huh?
Bunny did nothing wrong

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I cried...
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Jeez it wasn't that bad. Also, inb4 she lived.
>get contracted with Fakku
>suddenly there are daily Henshin threads 90% of which get zero traction beyond hourly bumps

I think you belong with the hip "teehee let me post a selfie with le epic meme porn and retweet it at Jacob" crowd, not here.
she died

Everyone already dropped this but Kei at least hugged a cute girl this episode.
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I haven't dropped it and I'm not planning to do it because I'm genuinely enjoying the show.
Now, about today's episode, Kei's kekkai to make Haruki activate the Ristotto was absolutely marvelous and impeccable. Truly an Einstein-level genius.
I haven't dropped it. I don't why. I guess I've been entranced.
Missed the thread earlier, glad to see one made.
>whonever has the mcguffin controls town
>mcguffin is a stone in the earlier episodes
>can you love a stone
>masamune parents are petrified or locked if we go by the ability that was used
>this episode kei mcguffin callback
I giggled.

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Does anyone here like Bleach or is /a full of satly fucks?
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Neo-/a/ loves it.
File: DHXS7eOVwAAwsvO-1.jpg (179KB, 848x1199px)Image search: [Google]
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Most Bleach threads still hit the post limit so people definitely keep talking about it.
Alright, just making sure man, because people laid into me earlier when I said I'd rather see Bleach animated before Boruto.

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How long until we see Sasaki animated?
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Fucking never anon, and I hate it ;_;
File: HaruhiKyougaku02_0260.jpg (704KB, 1126x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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>that image quality
It triggers me.
Did the novels die?

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Im here to argue that FMA is 1000x better than FMA:B.

Also DMC is a good game.

Come at me.
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>Im here to argue that FMA is 1000x better than FMA:B
That's true though. I don't see anything to argue about.
>Also DMC is a good game.
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225KB, 1920x1080px
>Nazi's and shiet
>our world and shiet
>some character no one gave a shit about was actually the real villain
>theres a third elric brother

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Haha, time for another episode of fat dragons!
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I hope you die in a fire.
Didn't this flop like no Tomorrow?
What? It ended.

Can we all agree that tsunderes are the best?
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Shes not a tsundere shes something different
Only lesbian ones like her, when they treat males like shit, they are shit.

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What is the best Gundam OVA and why is it War In The Pocket?
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mm tasty hamburger
It wasn't even the best of UC, go back to ANN
merry fucking christmas anon.

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Episode 18 preview

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File: 64450467_p11.png (741KB, 868x1228px)Image search: [Google]
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Avenge Mamika
Make Rui forget Yuina-chan
File: 1502548953344.jpg (98KB, 1366x768px)Image search: [Google]
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What's she going to do to him?

do people like it's films just cause they look cute?
what about the story being blunt and predictable in general?
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What is "blunt and predictable" about stuff like Spirited Away, Howl's, and Ponyo?
yes. kiki is the only good one ive seen and ive seen at least part of basically all of them
thats the most boring one though

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