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Ame means rain
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Rei means toilet
Shit show.
Shit thread.
Fuck off.
They're both fucked in the head

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ITT the purest girls in their series
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Let's talk about how much of a let down this garbage show was. Lisa and Five were completely incidental to the plot, nothing is ever fleshed out, the story is average at best, Shibazaki is a walking trope. I guess at least the visuals were decent and the soundtrack was good. Watanabe should be ashamed over this.
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But it was great. Watched it 3 times.
>But it was great
Nuke this board already.
This show has literally a real human being sequence. 10/10 only for that.

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Me from /a/
Pic not related.
That doesn't look like Tabitha

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Why is this allowed? How the hell did this series get a manga? If you don't know, run down of the series is this:
> MC is a male whose sister is a fan of this 18+ otome game where the heroine is based off of Snow White and she gets violated by ikemen versions of the story. All of them.
> MC ends up being heroine of said godforsaken game. Gender-bend isekai.
Fill in the holes (in more ways than one). It got a manga.
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I don't see the issue
So you see nothing wrong with literally self-inserting as a fairy-tale character that is thoroughly dicked even if you are a male?
only faggots read this stuff

anyways, try to keep it contained in the general thread

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Next chapter when? I need my dose of THICC
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It's cancelled, Jim.
When translator feels like it. Dagashi takes priority now.
See, I'm basically on dagashi duty until my typesetter feels satisfied enough. Then we go back to Amano

Why does nobody ever talk about Sket Dance /a/? You HAVE seen it right?

Roman best girl
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shit, how old was this again? Felt like ages since I watched it
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Roman is the strongest shoujo heroine
Maybe it's time for a rewatch, do it for himeko anon

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Shh. Egyptian God is asleep.
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But he's not THOTh
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I wish I was asleep
That's Pharaoh, an Egyptian king, you faggot, not Egyptian God.

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Not the usurper.
Ochako Midoriya

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Does this show get any better?

I haven't watched anime in a few years, but this seemed to be one of the more popular ones of late. I've seen three episodes so far and it just seems like a generic wish-fulfillment sao-clone.

Is this some madoka-style bait and switch? Is it worth sticking around?
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It pretty much stays the same.
>I haven't watched anime in a few years
Fuck off.
It gets better. Also fuck you for relating it to SAO.

Should I watch Katanagatari?
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Oremonogatari goes first though.

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She's just pretending to be retarded, right?
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>tfw no retard friend to mind break
As far as we know she doesn't get on 4chan, so probably.
She's pretending to be pretending.

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If you didn't support this, you're officially a traitor to all lolis worldwide.

Look at Rin in pic related. Could you say no to those eyes?

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God why are lolifags the most insufferable fucking people
Still shilling even though its over huh.
What did I miss?

>Nana Maru San Batsu - 07 [720p]
Episode finally out.
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They want some of them quizzes alright.
>calculator battle again
>mc got shat on

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