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Poor Kukuri. What have they done to you?
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wheres gainax, when you need it?, oh right its dead
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i dont care if kaneyama is a lesbian lolicon, that thiccness drives me crazy

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There's a city that this darkness can't hide.

Cut me down or let me run. Either way it's all gonna burn.
>there is the ember of a fire that's gone out but I can still feel the heat on my skin

I only watched episode 1.
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I mean, I really want to know how it goes on, but I also feel like I don't watch it, like it's only going to piss me off.
Softcore porn
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Sluts slutting in a slutty fucking way and being miserable over being such sluts.
10/10, anime of the year, perfectly captures my self-inflicted, upper middle class misery.

Remember, dragons aren't cute/sexy/thicc waifus, they are dangerous as fuck and enemies of humanity
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the fact that they can eat/kill you is part of what makes it so erotic anon.
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Which are more dangerous, dragons or werewolves?

Why do Eva threads still routinely get 300+ replies? Cowboy Bebop is just as much a classic, but it's like everyone agrees that everything there is to say about it has been said many times already. Surely that is true for Eva as well.
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Eva has better girls and a movie allegedly coming out.
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Because shitposting.
Because Cowboy Bebop is episodic and has little substance. What's there to talk about? Shitpost about whether or not Spike actually died or not? That one time they got high on shrooms?

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Slowpoke here. This is fucking bullshit. Why did he turn?
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He wanted to kill alucard.
y though
i thought they were bros
Massive inferiority complex.

>watch anime /a/ says is shit
>it's actually alright
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Here is your (You)
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>watch anime /a/ says is great
>It's actually shit
>Trusting /a/

That's where you fucked up.

Why didn't this show become as popular as SAO or the manga with the giants?
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>tried to be battle royale
>somehow managed to become dull as fuck very early on

Im following the mango and it's still pretty entertaining and grim. Not sure about the spirit stuff though.
Because it was shit.

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What is your personal opinion on TenTen ?
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Ten outta Ten.
TenTen was very sincere when talking to Garra in that scene. Almost as if she wasn't going to end up as a cake.

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Just finished rereading Love Hina
Sure the series has a lot of flaws and it should have ended 3-4 vol earlier but still a likeable classic.
Also Keitaro is one of the very few self-insert MC who is done right. I also like Akamatsu art at this time, better than the digital shit.

salty Makotofags need not apply
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Literally every girl was better than Naru.
>should have ended 3-4 vol earlier
Eh, I like how it ended. It's still a classic though like you said.

You're kidding, right? Naru was best girl by far and best girl for the MC too.
Why the fuck did I write Makoto? Someone kill me please.

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What did happen to anime?

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it became fun
Fuck of moe fag.
Anime used to have manly protagonist now its made of half male/female hybrids

It died when hikki neets became the primary consumers. And the thing that these people most want is to be loved and accepted. They compensate through waifus and other nonsense. The market's simply trying to survive by creating shit that's gonna sell.

It was ok I guess.
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You're ok I guess
I thought it was pretty refreshing I guess.
This thread is pretty ok I guess

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What is it about a flame broiled hamburger patty topped with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles stuck between two sesame seed patties that gets little girls so excited?
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It's reminds them of dick and balls
what do you mean "remind"

little girls have no memories of dicks and balls
They see them every time they take a bath.

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Are the last episodes of dbz canon or not?
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It is canon until proven otherwise

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TSF kawaii desu wa~

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